Favorite Fall Cannabis Treats (with recipes!)

Cannabis products for fall by Dixie
Cannabis products for fall by Dixie

Big sweaters, cinnamon rolls, colorful leaves, fuzzy socks, plaid blankets, candles, and darn good edibles. Fall…we welcome you with open arms. Being that it’s officially that time of year, we have all the fun fall activities on our minds and can’t wait for all the yummy cannabis goodies that go along with them. As we did for summer, we picked some of our favorite Dixie products to pair with fall activities, including: Netflix and chillin’, football and tailgates, fireside date nights, staying in for “me night,” and hitting up the corn maze and pumpkin patch.


Netflix & Chillin’


As the temperatures drop, the giant sweaters and cozy throws come out, transforming the couch into a cloud-like coziness we want to hibernate in forever. And this, ladies and gentlemen, also marks the beginning of the Netflix and Chills season! It goes without saying that Netflix and cannabis go together like chocolate and peanut butter…and can make for a cozy date night too. 😉

What to Look for in a Product:

  • Something that won’t make a mess on the couch…no crumbles under our butts, please
  • Something delicious to munch on while you watch the tube
Gummies are an obvious choice for any evening of Netflix and chillin’. Not only are they sweet and tasty, they won’t crumble all over your lap as you bite into them. Our favorite gummies this time of year are Sour Smash, not just because the name reminds us of the Monster Mash, but that sour apple flavor gets us excited for the delicious apple pies that we’ll soon be eating for Thanksgiving.


Edibles: Sour Smash Gummies by Dixie for Fall 2019


When it comes to bingeing Hocus Pocus, Addams Family, Casper, and all your Halloween favs, we’ve got a punch for you! Made with our Fruit Punch Elixir, this Spooky Pomegranate Punch is perfect for an evening filled with Netflix & Chills.


Tip! Instead of garnishing with boring ol’ orange slices or cinnamon sticks, play up the Halloween theme with a garnish of eyeball candies.


Football & Tailgates


‘Tis the season of touchdowns and tackles as we gather around the TV munching on sideline snacks, and watching our favorite teams kick butt. Whether you’re looking to calm your nerves about the fate of the game, entertain at your place, tailgate, or want to just chill and watch with your significant other, cannabis amplifies any football season event.

What to Look for in a Product:

  • Pairs well with watching the game on the couch, whether alone, or with friends
  • Easy to take on the go…like to a friends house
  • Tastes like all-American deliciousness
Speaking of all-American deliciousness, it doesn’t get better than a classic root beer float. Infuse yours with a capful of Root Beer Elixir. Regardless of if you’re on the couch or backyard tailgating, it’s an easy and delicious classic that won’t leave you with the drag of a hangover on Monday morning.
Another factor to consider for football season is whether you can easily take your cannabis treat on the go. Something you can carry in your pocket to take tailgating or to friends house is, of course, ideal. Nothing is better for this than Tarts! They won’t melt in your pocket under the September sun…or under the heat of your butt as you sit on the couch. 


Dixie Tarts are a great edible for the fall!

Hey Californians! Did you know Tarts are now available in Cali?! Check it out.


Fireside Date Night


Though the temperatures are on the decline, this means the“coziness levels” are on the rise. This makes the perfect setting for a romantic, fireside date.  🥰 You might use the fire pit in the backyard, a living room fireplace, or even light some pumpkin spice candles to set the mood. Whatever your setting of choice, we’ve got some cozy cannabis date night picks for you. 

What to Look for in a Product:

  • Fun and interactive to make and/or eat together
  • Warm and cozy vibes
  • Sexy and romantic vibes
There’s nothing quite like sitting in front of a fire, all cozied up under a fluffy blanket, warming your hands with a hot beverage — which Dew Drops are perfect for. Add a drop or two to hot cocoa, or better yet, check out this SYNERGY 1:1 Cinnamon Dew Drop fall recipe, CBD and Cinnamon Cider.
Another date night treat that will put your fire to use is a classic treat with a twist—caramel apple s’mores. They’re delicious and at least a little nutritious, given that they’re made with apple slices, right? 


Tip! If you don’t have an actual fire, you can also use a little can of Sterno…we know because we tried. 🙂

While this recipe tastes incredible made with the Straight Up Milk Chocolate, it tastes equally incredible made with Straight Up Dark Chocolate for a little date night flare…after all, dark chocolate is notorious for being an aphrodisiac. 


Staying in for “Me Night”


If the only thing you want to get lit this weekend is your fall-scented candles, then a“me night” is in store for you. Whether your night is spent playing video games, watching a movie, reading a book, or taking a nap in the bath, there’s a perfect cannabis product for your“me night” activity.

The best cannabis products for a "me night" in the fall


What to Look for in a Product:
  • Relaxing
  • Enhances your activity of choice
  • An indulgence to remember

If playing video games is your thing, then Dixie Gummies are a match made in heaven. If cozying up in the couch to a good book or movie is your kinda thing, then you may instead want to sip on a beverage, infused with an Elixir.  Remember, you can always use that Spooky Pomegranate Punch recipe! 

If the goal of your “me night” is to soothe the mind, body, and soul after a long day, or long week, then a hot bath might be more your thing. This time of year when the skies dim early, there’s nothing like stepping into a warm bath that smells of cedarwood and lavender. SYNERGY 1:1 Soak has a perfect blend of CBD and THC to ease the stress and tension away from the changing seasons.


Tip! As the weather changes, aches and pains worsen, and your skin gets especially dry. Try using SYNERGY Relief Balm for dry skin and SYNERGY Heat Balm to soothe tired muscles that have stiffened from cold weather.


Hitting Up the Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch


These are two classic fall activities that, let’s face it, are a lot more fun with edibles. That said, they are daytime activities and you may be in the company of family or a significant other. Therefore, you don’t want to get too blitzed…just enough to find the perfect pumpkin for the beautiful artwork you’ll soon carve into it. 

What to Look For in a Product:

  • Good for daytime use
  • Lower doses of THC
  • CBD:THC ratios to make the THC less intense
  • Good to take on the go

Before you head out for the eventful day, have a nice little caffeine boost from a classic fall favorite. We’re talking about a Pumpkin Spice Latte, of course! Only in this case, it’s infused with SYNERGY 1:1 Cinnamon or Vanilla Dew Drops. The 1:1 ratio will give you a nice, balanced feeling so you’re ready to take on any ol’ corn maze! 

THC-infused pumpkin spice late recipe
But in the case that you do get lost, hopefully, you’ll have some Orange Awakening Mints in your pocket!  They’re sure to get you back up and running! If you’re looking for a little stronger dose of THC than the mints, then throw a Burst or two in your pocket. They’re individually wrapped, so they won’t get your pockets sticky as your meander through the fall fields.


Dixie Bursts Pulled Taffy are awesome fall cannabis edibles!

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