SYNERGY Gummy Family

Meet Dixie's Newest Addition to the SYNERGY Gummy Lineup

Looking for a delicious way to keep your mood elevated throughout the day and into the night? Dixie SYNERGY Gummies offers a delightful range of flavors, each crafted with a specific blend of cannabinoids to perfectly match your vibe.

- Start your day bright with Berry Focused, bursting with berry flavors and formulated with CBG, CBD, and THC for a clear and focused energy boost.
- As the sun reaches its peak, unwind with our refreshing Watermellow gummies, infused with CBD and THC to leave you feeling balanced and content.
- When it's time to wind down, cozy up with our newest flavor, Cherry Chill, featuring THC, CBN, and CBD for a relaxing and tranquil evening.
- Finally, drift off to dreamland with Sleepberry, our nighttime gummy that combines CBN, CBD, THC, and melatonin (in most markets) for a deep and restful sleep.

With Dixie SYNERGY Gummies, there's a perfect pick-me-up for every moment, allowing you to keep your vibe bright, day and night.

Cherry Chill 2:1:1 (THC:CBN:CBD)

The Newest Addition to the SYNERGY Lineup

Don't miss this delectable fusion of cherry and lemon, designed for your evening unwind. Our fast-acting formula, with a 2:1:1 ratio of THC, CBN, and CBD, delivers a potent blend of cannabinoids and terpenes to soothe your body and mind, seamlessly easing you into your night-time routine.

Available in CA in July and MI in August.
Time of Day Indicator: Cherry Chill evening sundial

Sleepberry 2:1:1 (CBN:THC:CBD)

Your Bedtime Favorite

Sweet dreams are made from this. With a special blend of cannabinoids and terpenes – Sleepberry helps you naturally fall asleep and stay asleep longer. Each delicious gummy contains CBN, CBD, THC, and Melatonin (in some markets) so you can say goodbye to counting sheep and dream the night away.

Available in CA, MI, CO (with Melatonin), MO (with Melatonin), New Mexico, and Oklahoma (with Melatonin).
Time of Day Indicator: Sleepberry sundial indicating Nighttime

Berry Focused 2:1:1 (CBG:CBD:THC)

Daytime Gummies to Keep You Going

When it’s kind of a big deal, get Berry Focused. With an elderberry citrus flavor, this gummy is here to help tune out the distractions and get your mind in the zone. Every delicious gummy contains a curated blend of terpenes with CBG, CBD, and THC so you can stay on task and focus on what’s important.

Available in: CA, CO, MI, MO, NM, OK
Time of Day Indicator: Berry Focused sundial indicating morning

Watermellow 1:1 (THC:CBD)

For That Midday Balance You're Craving

The best of both worlds come together in perfect harmony with vibrant watermelon flavor to help ease what ails you. So, bite into a watermelon gummy like it is summertime at the pool and enjoy the SYNERGY.

Available in: CA, CO, MD, MI, MO, NM, OK
Time of Day Indicator: Watermellow sundial indicating afternoon