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Cannabis products for fall by Dixie
Big sweaters, cinnamon rolls, colorful leaves, fuzzy socks, plaid blankets, candles, and darn good edibles. Fall…we welcome you with open arms. Being that it’s officially that time of year, we have all the fun fall activities on our minds and can’t wait for all the yummy cannabis goodies that go along with them. As we did for summer, we picke... READ MORE >
Dixie's Future of CBD and Cannabis lounge at the FounderMade summit
On June 26th, 2019, over 150 of the world's most innovative brands gathered in New York City to attend the FounderMade Discovery Show. It was our honor to be among these next-generation companies and to host the exclusive Future of CBD and Cannabis Lounge where we educated key industry players on the growing role of the cannabis plant in our everyd... READ MORE >
Edibles and cannabis products perfect for summer activities
Say aloha to summer! It’s the season of adventure and the time of year to grill outside. It’s the season to get your hair wet, watch more sunsets than Netflix, and hike your boots off. And as we all know...all of these things are even better with a little THC. So, we’ve picked some of our favorite Dixie products to pair with these six summer ... READ MORE >
Dixie hand pulled taffy called Bursts launch in Colorado
Inspired by the bold, yet refreshing flavors of mouth-salivating fruits and the delightful chewiness of saltwater taffy, we set out to craft our own infused chewy treats. When crafting this product, it was important to us that we preserve the flavor without compromising the texture. After all, so many other infused chews out there seem more like fr... READ MORE >
Dope Cup Blog Featured Image
The 2019 High Desert DOPE Cup event was one for the books...and another award in the books for Dixie! We’re honored to have been voted as the best THC drink at this year’s event. But the winning Fruit Punch Dixie Elixir wasn’t the only highlight for us at Dixie. The Dixie Mystic Lounge, along with the entire High Desert DOPE Cup experience wa... READ MORE >
MI Launch Blog Featured Image 1
We are so excited to announce to the 300,000 medical patients in the state of Michigan that Dixie has OFFICIALLY launched in your state. We’ve been working hard over the last 8 weeks to bring you the same high-quality, hand-crafted cannabis edibles that we’re known for in states like Colorado, California, Nevada and Maryland. It’s importa... READ MORE >
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Former Mexican president turned drug-legalization activist, Vicente Fox, sees a paradigm shift in Latin America as governments authorize marijuana use, embracing a drug that was once shunned. Now, as markets open in a region of more than 640 million people, Fox wants the Canadian company he represents to supply the weed. Khiron Life Sciences ... READ MORE >
Ding ding ding ding! Ava Knight, The WBC Champion boxer and friend of Dixie spoke with Culture magazine in the January 2019 issue. In it, she tells us about her personal journey and how that has led her to become a cannabis advocate. “She, along with a number of high-caliber athletes, are trying to combat years of misinformation and attacks on t... READ MORE >
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Thank you to MG Retailer Magazine for naming Dixie Brands as one of their top 50 cannabis companies to work for - we love it here and we're glad to share that enthusiasm with the world. Dixie has a special working environment centered around innovation and community that has truly fostered and guided the companies growth over the last nine years. W... READ MORE >
motley fool resize
  CEO Chuck Smiths sits down with the folks at the Motley Fool for a podcast interview. Find the interview above and a timeline transcript below. Overview: Who is Dixie? 0:40 Why infused products? 2:00 Where are the products? Expansion plans? 3:48 Breakdown of med vs. recreational products? 6:10 Most Popular Products? ... READ MORE >
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With 62% of Americans now in favor of legalization, marijuana is moving out of the basement and into our daily lives. Whether it’s for anxiety, pain relief, added focus and creativity, or general mood enhancement, people are finding value in this once-stigmatized plant. One of the hottest trends in cannabis is micro-dosing and it’s about the fu... READ MORE >
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Dixie Brands is proud to present a new short video that offers a behind-the-scenes look into the company's past, present, and future. The past nine years have been an incredible journey and we couldn't be more excited for what's next. Please take a moment and learn for yourself "Why Dixie?" ... READ MORE >
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Last week Dixie signed a definitive merger agreement in connection with its proposed public listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange. Pending approval from the CSE, Dixie will complete a reverse takeover of a Canadian public company, Academy Explorations Limited  and will be subsequently renamed Dixie Brands (USA) Inc. Both Academy and Dixie ha... READ MORE >
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Thanks to our friends at Variety Magazine for their great write up about modern day cannabis cuisine.  We we're glad to see the Dixie shout out as well! The writer says “no wonder a Cannabis confectioner like Dixie, which works with Snoop Dogg and WBC boxer Ava Knight, who uses THC+CBD products as part of her training recovery program, is als... READ MORE >
NewChocComps SYNERGY Med
At Dixie, we are passionate about the healing power of the plant to educate, transform, and inspire. That's why we are offering a special SYNERGY CBD:THC medical patients at a lower price. A 1 to 1 ratio of CBD and THC has been know to decrease inflammation and anxiety help those who suffer from a variety of ailments. Not a medical patient but s... READ MORE >
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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp. (TSX-V:CBW) (“Cannabis Wheaton” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a definitive licensing agreement (the “Agreement”) with Dixie Brands, Inc. ( “Dixie”) pursuant to which Cannabis Wheaton will have the exclusive... READ MORE >
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This past 4/20 weekend, the crew at Dixie Brands teamed up with the legendary DJ Craze and several premier brands in the Colorado cannabis market to celebrate the past year and look forward to the exciting things to come.  The evening kicked off with a silent auction to support NORML and their efforts to support cannabis research, advocacy, and ed... READ MORE >
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This 4/20, the wait is over. The Broken Lizard comedy team is back with the follow up to the 2001 cult classic, Super Troopers. Prior to national release, the cast stopped by the SIE FilmCenter in Denver, Colorado for a special sneak peek of the new flick. Meow, this go around the comedy crew is faced with an international border dispute and get... READ MORE >