Meet the Marylanders who are helping people with the power plant


What sets Dixie apart from the rest is the care and passion that our team puts behind each and every product we make.  We are proud to offer safe, quality, and consistent product in each state where Dixie is sold and without our amazing team in each state, that would not be possible. Read below for a behind-the-scenes look into the crew in Maryland that helping heal with the power of the plant.  Thanks to Quinn, Marquesha, Nick and the entire crew in Maryland!

Quinn: Processing Operator
Marquesha: Processing Operator
Nick: Team Leader, Manufacturing

Tell us about your job history. How did you come to work for Curio Wellness?

Nick: I have two bachelor’s degrees based in biology. I had originally planned on working in the medical field to try and make lab/hospital tests smaller, faster, and less expensive. When I graduated with my second degree, I had a challenging time finding the “right fit” in the medical field. A close friend asked me to apply for a grower position in Maine. I got the job and worked as a cannabis grower before shifting to processing to better utilize my lab experience. I taught myself the ins and outs of supercritical CO2 extraction on an older-model Apex machine. For 2.5 years, I was a one-man team for extraction, purification, distillation, and the production of vaporizer cartridges. This was a great first job in the cannabis industry, but when I heard about a new company called Curio Wellness down in Maryland, I had to apply.  I started researching the team at Curio Wellness, and I was immediately impressed. I always believed that if a company is trying to make medicine out of cannabis, they should take the approach of a pharmaceutical business. That is exactly what Curio Wellness does, and I was hooked with Curio’s business culture and perspective on the industry.

Marquesha: I worked in the culinary field while in college obtaining my degree in biology. I have a good amount of cooking in my background that helps with the infusion aspect of the company. Honestly, Curio found me based on my resume– I never thought I would be working at a cannabis company.

Quinn: My job history includes a background in customer service and manufacturing for top companies in the food industry where I was a food processor, team leader, and sales associate. I wanted to work for Curio Wellness because I see the potential of the company and the great care that people within the company take with their products and customers.

What inspired you to get involved in the medical cannabis industry?
Nick: Originally, it was to work with some of my friends, who had been working in the cannabis industry. I was younger then, and just the novelty of having a job working with cannabis seemed to be a crazy concept. I never thought that the products and/or plants I helped to produce would have such an impact on people.

Marquesha: The industry fell into my lap and I have grown fond of the work I do. I would never have thought I would be helping patients by making cannabis products and changing their lives for the better.

Quinn: I was really intrigued about the feedback from different people in the medical cannabis industry and how it really helps people with their daily lives. I wanted to be a part of the industry and help enhance people’s lives.

Dixie manufactures elixirs, tinctures, tablets, balms, and more. Can you describe what goes into creating these products?
Nick: The elixirs, tinctures, and balms are all produced in our infusion suite. This is where Marquesha combines the necessary ingredients and expertly uses our equipment with her culinary background. Most of the processes involve heating ingredients on an induction heater and mixing in cannabis oil with immersion blenders. We also have a wax melter to make large batches of the balm. The tablets are produced in our compression suite. We have three flavors of tablets, and each has an individualized recipe. Quinn takes on most activity with the tablets. We start with raw ingredients to make a powder and then add the cannabis oil with the help of some light heat. Once the formulation is correct, we use a tablet press to make the final tablets.

What’s unique about Dixie Brands’ products?
Nick: Safety, reliability, quality: these are the first three words that come to mind about Dixie products. Our processes for each product are finely tuned to get the best quality product to our patients on a consistent basis. I love that these are fantastic alternatives to smoking or vaping and can be used by patients of all ages and backgrounds. The versatility of the medicinal vectors allows for our Patient Care Advisors to really work with each patient to find the best solution on a personal basis.

Quinn: The quality of our product is the best, and the medicinal benefits of Dixie products enhance people’s lives.

Dixie has such a large range of products – which is your favorite and why?
Nick: My favorite is our tablets. I think that 5mg per tablet is perfect for patients who need a low dose throughout the day. Also, we make a Synergy tablet that has equal parts THC and CBD. I believe the versatility of the tablets can greatly aid our patients.

Marquesha: The balm! It smells like Christmas time, and who doesn’t love a good moisturizer?! =)

Quinn: People who use the Dixie Relief Balm and say that it relieves a lot of their pain and that they are able to continue their daily lives without having to worry about pain.

Who can benefit most from Dixie products?
Marquesha: All kinds of patients can benefit from our Dixie products. Dixie products are great alternatives to the typical smoking treatment.

Quinn: Everyone who has some form of ailment and needs a reliable and quality product to provide the relief they deserve to improve their daily lives.

Is there anything new and exciting patients can expect from Dixie in the future? 
Nick: Of course! We are always excited to produce new products. Our tablets have been such a success that we will be rolling out a higher count unit very soon. Normally, we package 20 tablets at a time, and the new unit is going to be 60 tablets! I believe this will help our patients who use the tablets daily, as they will have 3 times more per box! Another product coming down the line is an infused Bath Soak, hopefully hitting the market sometime this fall. I am intrigued to get patient feedback on their experiences with it. It should be a nice, relaxing way to enjoy a bath and relieve pain!

What’s your favorite part of working at Curio Wellness?
Nick: The people. Curio Wellness is the first company that I have worked for that has instilled a next-level culture of professionalism and respect for all employees. I am truly impressed with the drive of our management team, and that inspires me to do my best every day. I am lucky to have put together a team in manufacturing that gets along and works well together. I can truly say I enjoy working alongside every person at Curio Wellness.

Marquesha: My “infusion kitchen!” The place where I can infuse (pun intended) my passion for cooking with my love for helping others.

Quinn: Being able to make and produce tablets from powder to a finished product, and knowing that the product I am making is helping medical patients. I am also learning new things that will allow me to help with the company’s growth.

Is there anything else patients should know about Dixie products?
Nick: My team and I are extremely happy to be a part of producing Dixie products. I would like everyone to understand the joy we have when we hear how a Dixie product has improved a patient’s quality of life. That is what our Dixie products are all about.

Marquesha: I honestly hope the patients enjoy their Dixie products just as much as I have enjoyed making them!

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