ACNA Holds “Nurses Education” Night in Colorado at Dixie HQ!

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A night of cannabis nurse-ology

The future of cannabis is upon us; officials in Washington gave out marijuana seeds, everyone is talking about terpenes and… Bethany Frankel.  Often leaving long-entrenched medical advocates overlooked with profits associated with recreational legalization.

Advocates, businessmen and medical practitioners who are bold enough to talk about and prescribe cannabinoid therapy over traditional narcotic therapy face persecution and skepticism from all fronts. Yet as the tides of public opinion continue to turn about medical cannabis, following recent public support from high profile figures like Richard Branson and Sanjay Gupta, public support is often spreading faster then public knowledge about safe cannabis consumption practices.

Brands, doctors, nurses, veterans and advocates alike are all on the frontline of the medical cannabis movement. Fighting to educate the masses and brake stereotypes about cannabis nationwide. One of the leading organizations fighting for the cause of cannabis education is the American Cannabis Nurses Association. (

As part of their core mission to educate they held on April 17th a free event discussing the topics below at Dixie Elixirs & Edibles headquarters in Colorado.

  • The Role of the Nurse in Cannabis Medicine
  • The Importance of Whole Plant vs. CBD-only Laws
  • Federal vs. State Conflict and its Impact on Patients
  • The Maturing Market of Medical Cannabis Products and Devices

The Mission of the American Cannabis Nurses Association:
ACNA is an organization run by nurses, for nurses. As one of the most well-respected and influential organizations in the industry, the ACNA’s voice reached across the country to industry influences and medical professionals. The mission of the ACNA is to advance the understanding of the endocannabinoid system and the application of herbal cannabis in nursing through education, patient advocacy, research, collaboration, and social policy development.  ACNA is developing a national certification program for a cannabis nursing specialization.  The training they offer is approved for professional continuing education credit for nurses.

Cannabis nursing is the incorporation of cannabis patients and cannabinoid therapy into nursing practice, with an awareness of the legal complexities attached to this herb. Cannabis nurses recognize the many important considerations this treatment ushers in. This includes: a how to guide on minimizing unwanted effects, how to recognize clean safe medicine, how to assist in titrating or tapering doses, testing strains, teaching about strain differences… the list is long.

Get Involved:
Dixie is honored to donate our space and resources to support the ACNA’s educational series in Colorado. We hope you will be inspired and educated by their advocacy!

Learn more about medical cannabis education and how to become involved with the ACNA: ( )

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