CannabisxCreativity: Colorado’s 1st Secret Society of Budtenders Gathering

Dixie's Secret Society of Budtenders
Dixie's Secret Society of Budtenders

Dixie's SSBT is designed to giveback to the budtenders of Colorado. So, on Saturday, September 19th we threw a party just to spoil our favorite cannabis industry members. Live music, fire performers, sand art & plenty of giveaways, thats Dixie's SSBT! Read the review by Alayna Jackson aka LaynieGanja

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One of my absolute favorite things about this societal movement and marijuana coming of age is how it is bringing together the marijuana community and shifting the group to a new light. People from all walks of life, backgrounds, and age groups seem to have the ability to set all differences aside, bond over a smoke, and rejoice in it’s benefits. Pot lovers are finally stepping foot outside their homes to openly shout from the rooftops their love for mary jane and the positive effects it’s had on their lives. The party scene is not just for boozers anymore! Marijuana parties look a bit different. Skip the slurring, bar fights, and nausea and insert the world of self expression, open minds, and one love vibes.

Most would agree, marijuana has the power to open your mind, create epiphanies, and boost creativity. Expressing yourself through creating art was definitely the theme at The VIP gathering hosted by Dixie Elixir’s very own Secret Society of Budtenders last Saturday. A party with fire dancers, glass blowers, edibles, complementary vapes, sand art, t-shirts, swag, a live band, AND a modern ski and snowboard documentary called  ‘Supervention’ playing in the background?!?! Every direction was sensory heaven for our wandering stoney eyes! This party was epic! Want to enjoy a beer though, too? They don’t discriminate! Complementary PBR’s for all!

Walking in the door, I was first greeted with a complimentary t-shirt and hat from Quigley’s, the people behind the new fastest acting cannabis shot. Score. Next, I was handed the Crispy Kracken brand new crispy crunchy milk chocolate edible from Dixie. Mega score! As I made my way in, I was stopped yet again for a complementary gift, Dixie’s brand new pure CO2 extracted vape! Say whaaaaaaa?  This is a clean oil with no added chemicals in the vape so I was very impressed! We each got to take a 300mg disposable vape which is so convenient and discrete and such a great party gift! Oh yeah, and we all got exclusive Dixie hat pins that were on point and the perfect amount of flare. After being loaded up with goodies and already high on life, I stopped and enjoyed a smoke sesh with friends on the outdoor lounge area, shared several laughs, and was really soaking in the cool atmosphere of the party. From there, I made my way to the most happening spot of the party, the back patio. That is when all the senses and excitement were to the max. I was loving the music, loving the whole area dedicated to glass blowing,  and mesmerized by the fire dancers. Absolutely beautiful pieces by the way if you are the glass blower reading this! This guy had more than just pretty pipes too. He created all kinds of unique bowls and decorative vases as well. Just a real cool artsy eye and artsy guy. I’m already pleased with the party’s ample entertainment when my friends direct me to the sand art table! So cool and what a fun piece of the party to get to take home! Leafly was there to represent and had an awesome table of t-shirts, stickers, info, and more. I made sure to swing by, check out their goods, and chat with the lovely guys and gals running the table. Everyone was so nice and that’s the thing about stoners! We’re super nice for the most part (there are always exceptions of course) and our parties are inviting, including, and open. Good vibes and cheesy grins with this bunch. It was awesome to mingle and toke with old friends, make new friends, and have that incredible feeling of being a part of a community. Thank you so much to Dixie for one badass SSBT Gathering and a night to remember! By LaynieGanja

Dixie's Secret Society of Budtenders

Dixie’s Secret Society of Budtenders #SSBT




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