Can You Ship Elixirs? Weeding Through Emails

The world of marijuana grows fast and changes arise every day. After one year of being legal in Colorado a lot has changed and we have learned a lot. The dust is starting to settle in the “wild west of weed” and chaos is slowly turning to order. However, there are still so many misconceptions of what we in the industry can and cannot do. Nowhere else is this better represented than through the Dixie email system. On a daily basis we receive numerous emails ranging a wide spectrum of wants, needs, suggestions, and pitched opportunities; some funny, some sad, and some are just plain odd. While I could fill a small book detailing all the interesting emails we get, below I’ve broken down two classic emails we receive every day.

1) Can you ship your product to me in this (state, country)? People have asked us to ship our products all over the world, even from countries I have never heard of, at which point becomes a fun geography lesson. Below are the two general categories that these requests usually fall under.

        Someone who needs the product because they have a debilitating condition, life threating illness, and cannabis is the only thing that helps. These absolutely break my heart. A lot of times these people have used cannabis as a treatment but it’s hard to get, not good quality where they live, or, and most often, still illegal in their state. These are the hardest because you feel so badly for the pain they are in and the desperate need for a quality and consistently dosed product. In the end I would really like to help but there is just no way for us to aid them aside from them visiting Colorado and consuming while here.


       Someone who wants Dixie products shipped to them (because you can bend the rules just once, right?) We have been to Colorado and experienced your product, or have seen your product in the media somewhere and think it’s awesome. (Thank you!) Can you please make an exception this one time and send us some products (discreetly of course) and no one will notice! It would be great to be able to just pop an Elixir in the mail and send it off  but alas this is not legal. So, keep fighting the good fight in your state and soon we will be able to set up shop there!

2) While we appreciate the overwhelming love of edibles and the great ideas for what we can infuse, we can’t (at least at this point)infuse everything. Some of my favorite emails come from people who have the greatest  idea for an infused edible.

     These ideas run the gamut, and almost any food product you can think of has been pitched to us. If we infused every product that we get pitched we could have our own grocery store full of products. Not that we wouldn’t want a grocery store full of infused products but we just can’t possibly make that many products.

In the end it’s great connecting with people all over the world, who have stories to tell, suggestions, or just want to give us an old fashioned shout out.

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