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This 420, Let’s Plant the Seeds of Change. Let’s bring the cannabis community together for more than a smoke session. Help fight prejudice through education, advocacy & donating to the Marijuana Policy Project with Dixie.

What is Pot & Prejudice?

Introducing Pot & Prejudice. A video advocacy series designed to help educate the public by proliferating facts about the harsh consequences of the US’s failed war on marijuana. Highlighting failed policies and negative social ramifications resulting from minimum sentences and collateral sanctions, burdens on our jail system, lost tax revenues and even broken families. The Pot & Prejudice video series was specifically designed to help fight prejudice through education, advocacy & donating to the Marijuana Policy Project with Dixie Elixirs & Edibles. Join the conversation, make a donation, change 420 forever.


Episode 3:‘The Price of legalization’ Highlighting the cost of the US war on marijuana.
Sip and Support with Dixie, throughout the month of April, we’ll donate $15 for every case of Special Edition Elixir.


How to Join the #PotandPrejudice Movement: 

– Donate to the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) Click Donate Above!

– Buy a Limited Edition 100MG Wildberry Lemonade Elixir at a participating dispensary in CA or CO, and Dixie will donate $15 dollars to MPP while you enjoy your tasty cannabis freedom.

– Give a Damn by sharing the video & taking a stand against #PotandPrejudice

– Educate yourself and spread the word that funding a failed drug war wont be tolerated any longer.