While in wolf form, you can charge your enemies. Only Bat spit fire. Go to the room where you can see a save point and do the "Sword Brothers". - If you beat him with 'Holy … or : Details of the Skill of Wolf relic in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (SotN, PlayStation, PS, PS1, PSX) More Guides. Where you need the Wolf: 1- You need the wolf to open a room in Castle Entrance. Enter the tunnel as a bat, then come back as a wolf; Wolf moves backwards: As Wolf, do , repeatedly. Spells. 2- If you Press Triangle while in Wolf form in water, you can swimn. - If you beat him in under 1 minute of gameplay, Alucard earns +5 HP. Wolf's Back Attack: + (Needs the Skill of Wolf Relic). Secrets & Tips. You will need the Walk Armor, Sword Card, and Soul of Wolf. You cannot Spit Fire in Wolf Form. No needs to be too fast. If you get to a certain point, the spell will be for sale (Librarian), but if you do the sequence, the spell will appear in the "Spells" section in the menu without you having to pay for it. You go into the librarians room and cast the Sword Brothers spell and then go talk to the librarian. Immediately save the … You can just cast the spells and get the trophy.. Wolf's Super jump: Run over some stairs and press . Wolf/Mist Rise. The rest of the steps are exactly the same. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PURCHASE THE SPELLS FROM THE LIBRARIAN! You will need the SKill of Wolf relic. The Skill of Wolf gives you two abilities: 1- If you input down, down + forward, forward and Square, you perform Wolf-Dash. That's it :) I should be able to do this, and I … - Down, Down-Right, Right + Square. I have done all 5 of the other spells, ALucard is currently level 16. "Power of Wolf" --> Running Speed increases (Double tap forward to run); "Skill of Wolf" --> Let's you Use a Spell to instantly gain speed (Down, Down+Forward, Forward+ Attack) and let's the wolf swim. Start with better stats: Alucard's attributes changes depending on how Richter destroyed Dracula in Final Stage Bloodlines. I can't do the wolf charge spell D-DF-F+X I believe that is what it is. Wolf runs in mid air: Stand at the border of a ledge make a 'Wolf Charge'. Spells. Transformations to reach new areas, RPG trappings, magical spells… some of the best examples of the genre today use these ideas, and owe a lot to Symphony of the Night as a result. Symphony of the Night - Game Info - Characters - Forms - Familairs - Spells - Weapons - Armor ... Symphony of the Night Spells. Follow me on social media! To celebrate this PS1 classic, let’s take a look at all eight of the standard spells Alucard can access in the game. 8 Summon Spirit The requirements for this trick are to have Soul of Wolf and/or Form of Mist or a weapon with the thrusting special attack (Flamberge, Claymore are the most common examples). - If you beat him without getting damaged, Alucard earns +5 HP. ... Symphony of the Night » alucard´s spells… - If you beat him without getting any 'Sub-Weapon', Alucard earns HP and +5 LCK. Then, immediately go to the save point and press Up + R2 so that you can save the game as a Wolf. Wolf Charge:(MP/10 *You must have "Skill of Wolf" and be in Wolf form.) The Skill of Wolf lets you use the Wolf Charge Spell. Wolf jumps in mid air: Do the above and before the end of the skill, press .