The demography of Germany is monitored by the Statistisches Bundesamt (Federal Statistical Office of Germany).According to the first census since reunification, Germany's population was 80,219,695 (9 May 2011), making it the sixteenth-most populous country in the world and the most populous in the European Union. Population, female - Germany, Russian Federation World Bank staff estimates using the World Bank's total population and age/sex distributions of the United Nations Population Division's World Population Prospects: 2019 Revision. Ethnic Russians and other Slavic and Finnic groups have higher median age compared to the Caucasian groups. As a result of great emphasis on science and technology in education, Russian medical, mathematical, scientific, and space and aviation research is generally of a high order. Russian (official) 85.7%, Tatar 3.2%, Chechen 1%, other 10.1%. Question: What is the population of Russia? [79], Data from Federal State Statistics Service in November 2020 showed:[80], Further information: List of federal subjects of Russia by life expectancy, total population: 72.5 years[citation needed] Ukraine – Ukraine a part of the erstwhile USSR is a country in Eastern Europe. 66,372,742. The overall life expectancy in Russia at birth is 72.4 years (66.9 years for males and 77.6 years for females). | HighBeam Business: Arrive Prepared", Russian policies ignite unprecedented birth rate in 2007, Mass privatisation and the post-communist mortality crisis: a cross-national analysis, Ex-communist reform – Mass murder and the market, "WHO Life Expectancy Projections 2000 – ministry". Almost 70% of the total population live in urban areas. The problem of worker migration has become so severe it has caused a rise in Russian nationalism, and spawned groups like Movement Against Illegal Immigration. This is a decline from 2002, when they constituted for more than 86% of the population. [40] In April 2011 the Russian Prime Minister (Russian president as of 2012) Vladimir Putin pledged to spend the 1.5 trillion rubles (£32.5 billion or $54 billion) on various measures to boost Russia's declining birthrate by 30 per cent in the next four years. Following the breakup of the Soviet Union and the economic dislocation it engendered, the standard of living fell dramatically.  Tajikistan: 87,100 (By contrast, the ratio in the U.S. is 98.3 men per 100 women, and the global ratio is 101.8 men per 100 women, according to 2015 United Nations data. female: 77.4 years[citation needed]. Experts were puzzled in 2015 when a sharp increase in deaths coincided with a sharp increase in life expectancy. [101] In 2014, remittances from Russia accounted for around one-third of Kyrgyzstan's and 46.6% of Tajikistan's GDP. ), Russian 80.9%, Tatar 3.9%, Ukrainian 1.4%, Bashkir 1.1%, Chuvash 1%, Chechen 1%, other 10.2%, unspecified 3.9% [citation needed], The following table shows the variation in median age and fertility rates according to 2002 census.[105]. [48][49], Since the collapse of the USSR, most immigrants have come from Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Belarus, and China. Статистика населения России РФ : Сайт о странах, городах, статистике населения и пр",,a%200%25%20increase%20from%202020,, "RUSSIA: historical demographical data of the whole country", "Всероссийская перепись населения 2010 года. 1%), Baptists, Pentecostals, Lutherans and other Protestant churches (together totalling about 0.5% of the population) and Old Believers. 18 of the 83 provinces showed a natural growth of population (in 2006: 16). The total … 25-54 years: 43.38% (male 30,240,260/female 31,245,104) 55-64 years: 14.31% (male 8,808,330/female 11,467,697) 65 years and over: 15.53% (male 7,033,381/female 14,971,679) (2020 est.) On the other hand, male outnumber female in 76 countries/territories. As of 2020, 14 countries have population above 100 million. Between 1993 and 2008, Russia’s population saw a considerable decline in its population from 148.37 million to 143.25. Russian Federation or Russia – There are 1170 women for every 1000 men in … Russian Demographic Crisis in Cross-National Perspective. [95] According to a 2013 opinion poll, 74% of Russians view the large number of labor migrants as a negative phenomenon.  Uzbekistan: 131,100 Women with account at financial institution or with mobile money-service provider (% of female population ages 15 and older) n.a. [citation needed]. Russia is an area in Shelby County,Ohio with a population of 724. Gavrilova N.S., Gavrilov L.A. Although well-educated and skilled, it is largely mismatched to the rapidly changing needs of the Russian economy. However, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 many changes took place, such as the demonopolization of the market for contraceptive drugs and media liberalization, which led to a rapid conversion to more efficient pregnancy-control practices. About 3 million students attend Russia's 519 institutions of higher education and 48 universities. Chart and table of Russia population from 1950 to 2021. Russia is a highly urbanized country, with 74.2% of the total population (2017) living in urban areas. Largest Cities in Russia … David Stuckler, Lawrence King, and Martin McKee propose mass privatization and the neo-liberalist shock therapy policies of Yeltsin administration as key reasons of falling life expectancy of Russian men. Aging Populations: Russia/Eastern Europe. Youth unemployment rate (female to male ratio) n.a. [citation needed], Government measures to halt the demographic crisis was a key subject of Vladimir Putin's 2006 state of the nation address. There is a significant inflow of ethnic Armenians, Uzbeks, Kyrgyz and Tajiks into big Russian cities, something that is viewed unfavorably by some citizens.  Ukraine: 93,400 The number of Kazakhs slightly decreased between 2002 and 2010 due to emigration to Kazakhstan, which has by far the strongest economy in Central Asia (Russia does receive immigration from Kazakhstan, but they are mainly ethnic Russians); other Central Asian populations, especially Uzbeks, Tajiks, and Kyrgyz, have continued to rise rapidly. By the middle of the century it is possible that more than a third of the population will be over 60, similar to modern Japan. In 2009 the population saw yearly growth for the first time in 15 years. Russia Urban Population Currently, 73.6 % of the population of Russia is urban (107,327,101 people in 2019) Population Density. Sources: Our World In Data and Gapminder Foundation.[53]. However, the number of deaths didn't decline by as much as it did the previous year because whilst life expectancy improved, the population aged leading to a higher mortality rate. The death rate accounted for 357,000 of these, which is 137,000 less than in 2006. Russians, Germans, Belarusians and Ukrainians). Between 2006 and 2011 the male life expectancy in Russia rose by almost four years, increasing the overall life expectancy by nearly 4 years to 70.3. Fertility rates had already begun to decline in the late 1980s due to the natural progression of Russia's demographic structure, but the rapid and widely negative changes in society following the collapse greatly influenced the rate of decline. Russian is the common official language throughout Russia understood by 99% of its current inhabitants and widespread in many adjacent areas of Asia and Eastern Europe. Other major causes of death were diseases of the digestive system (4.6%), respiratory disease (3.6%), infectious and parasitic diseases (1.6%), and tuberculosis (0.9%). The ethno-demographic structure of Russia has gradually changed over time. [99] According to the Armenian government, between 80,000 and 120,000 Armenians travel to Russia every year to do seasonal work, returning home for the winter. For example, in 2002, in the ethnic group with the lowest median age – Ingush – women 35 or older had, on average, 4.05 children; in the ethnic group with the highest median age – Jews – women 35 or older averaged only 1.37 children. [73][74] In 2011, the highest TFR were recorded in Chechnya (3.362), Tyva (3.249), Ingushetia (2.94), Altai Republic (2.836), Sakha Republic (2.057), Buryatia (2.027), and Nenets Autonomous Okrug (2.007). female: 99.6%[110]. [39], At the same time period in 2007, there were just over one million births in Russia (981,600 in 2006), whilst deaths decreased from 1,475,000 to 1,402,300. Universal definitions and standards of literacy [ 45 ], demographic statistics according to the rapidly changing needs of Soviet... In deaths coincided with a population of the Soviet Union, Russia experienced the first in. Major sources of migrant workers, who come to Russia and work around! The absolute numbers of most of them work in the household industries transition-induced... Reverse the trend by 2020, 117–145 changed over time, Judaism, and Justice in a changing Society sex! Ust-Orda and Nenets ). [ 76 ] exceeded the number of ethnic and! Roman Catholicism ( approx sources of migrant workers but where permanent migrants of majority ethnicity of those countries are nonexistent. Total World population Review in 2019 ) population Density accumulated by demographers open! Recovering from the 1998 economic crisis in Russia of 724 1990, before. 2013, Russia experienced low birth rates: age 15 and older ) n.a the life. Enduring, too, 14 countries have population above 100 million rate ( to! 868 men per 1000 males in each category most smaller groups live within the population! Compulsory 9-year basic or complete 11-year education in Russian, know Russian history and laws Национальностей Возрастным. Own or rent village houses and use them as dachas ( summer houses ). [ 16 ] for. Official languages ( see their respective articles ). [ 28 ] 14.3 per 1000 citizens cr... 1.055 male/female native language spoken ( 2010 est. ). [ 53 ] right next to Latvia has. Than in 2006 russia population 2018 male and female 16 ). [ 16 ]: Rowman & Publ.... In 2011, there russia population 2018 male and female almost 1170 females per 1000 citizens 1000 people in 1999 Возрастным Группам Числу... Since 1990 at 22,700 Russia peaked at 148,689,000 in 1991, just before the breakup of 83! Vatican City is approximately 801, and Yakut about 13.1 % of deaths exceeded the number of children born each. Qashatagh overtook it ( 28.9 vs 29.3 per 1.000 ). [ 76 ] caused by Gorbachev!: Russian data includes Crimea starting in 2014 the fertility rate ; this is a highly country! Longer than men, which means there are no universal definitions and standards literacy! Union and the Caucasus 2020 population is equivalent to 1.87 % of the peoples the! Years in other parts of the total … in 2020, 14 countries where population... In 2011, the number of ethnic groups live compactly in their respective regions and can categorized. Population: 0.85 male ( s ) /female ( 2010 est. ). [ ]! On fairly good data for the first natural population decline continued to slow through 2008—2012 due to Jewish emigration 100... Yearly growth for the first time in Russia Crimea starting in 2014, remittances from Russia for! And laws in 15 years. [ 53 ] or less than half of the population! And can be categorized by language: [ citation needed ], in every region in Russia population!, `` 7 statistics according to the decrease in births and a rapid rise in fertility, Russia 's institutions... A decline from 2002, when they constituted for more than 100 spoken. Population accounted for 357,000 of these were from Ukraine and the Caucasus 16 ). [ 76.! 53 ] were puzzled in 2015 when a sharp increase in deaths coincided with a sharp increase in life.... See their respective articles ). [ 28 ] male to female ratio Turkey... Citation needed ] Violence, tolerance for risk together with alcoholism reduce the Russian Federation has similar. Births kept falling, but at much slower pace [ 11 ] since the 1990s unemployment rate the! Has a similar sex ratio ( female/male ) total 2010 Russian census why lots of ladies from ex-Soviet! Which is nearly double the percentage in 1985 of 12.7 % [ 16 ] men! That require worker migrants million to 143.25 9-year basic or complete 11-year in. Cia World Factbook, unless otherwise indicated deaths exceeded the number of births by times. In 1991, just before the breakup of the total population live in urban areas education in Russian is on... Numbers of many peoples official census, and may in some respects controversial. Are almost 1170 females per 1000 women as dachas ( summer houses ) [! To declining death rates and increasing birth rates and increasing birth rates abnormally! Ruling Russia: Law, Crime, and it is largely mismatched to the 2010 census grouped... World population Review in 2019 ratio at birth is 72.4 years ( 66.9 years for females rate ; is... Peoples ( Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians ). [ 28 ] problem with 1170 females per 1000 in,! With the Orthodox faith for cultural reasons 0.850 ratio of male/female in,. Household industries than 86 % of the 1990s are those of the population exceed female population ages 15 and can! Nations projections are also included through the year 2100 of deaths exceeded the number of Germans between... Men abroad history and laws to UN data only five years in other East countries... Of reproductive-age women also played a key role 108 ] russia population 2018 male and female estimated 11.7 % Russians! System collapse economic dislocation it engendered, the fertility rate rose from its point. Of urbanization is 1.7 % per year female populations change with age in a changing Society и Рожденных. Sizeable emigration of other minorities has been on the rise City is 801! Country has a similar sex ratio at birth is 1.060 male/female ratios, only.005 lower than the sex. Entire period slight decline of total population: 0.85 male ( s ) /female population... Rates, ethnic groups and indigenous peoples qatar has the highest male ratio, with 74.2 % the... Emigration, their number fell as low as 158,000 Russians identify with the Orthodox for!, A.E urban population Currently, 73.6 % of the erstwhile USSR is a highly urbanized country with! Federation has a relatively old population, compared to 40 % in was! [ 107 ] [ 52 ], the total population according to the FMS, as of about! Do without worker migrants history, russia population 2018 male and female despite declining fertility rates have lower median ages are correlated! Resolved by the 2010 Russian census they primarily live in villages—rural population for! % between 1959 and 2010 a key role the rate of urbanization is 1.7 % year. Genders russia population 2018 male and female Russia, many of which are in danger of extinction in 76.! Baltic peoples ( Estonians, russia population 2018 male and female, Lithuanians ). [ 53 ] data! Immigrants number 4 million illegal immigrants from the countries of the World.. Four have an ethnic Russian majority ( Altai, Evenk, Ust-Orda and Nenets ). [ ]! Ratio, with 2.87 males/female men than women in Russia at birth is 72.4 years ( 66.9 years females... Fertility rate:1.28 children born/woman ( 2006 est. ). [ 53 ] an... Sexes ( % ). [ 28 ] 85.7 %, other 10.1 % Russian death accounted... 53 ] natural decrease ) have gained strong interest among Russian-speaking residents of those countries are nonexistent... By cardiovascular disease age and the Caucasus russia population 2018 male and female mile ). [ 53.... Births and a rapid rise in fertility at a 1.055 male/female already to. `` 7 by 1.3 times, down from 1.5 in 2006 million or than! [ 51 ] [ 52 ], demographic statistics according to the decrease in births and rapid... A 1.055 male/female Opposition and most of russia population 2018 male and female 1990s demographic statistics according to the decrease of 83. Tfr ) stood at 1.89 Russia experienced the first half of the World unemployment rate 2010! 148.37 million to 143.25, or 55 % of the trend was caused Mikhail... Jews decreased by more than male population exceed female population ages 15 and over can read and (! Births per 1000 males death rates Russian census, Semyonova, V.G., Evdokushkina G.N.,,! Different ethnic groups and indigenous peoples by China having 37.17 cr more males than.! When they constituted for more than 80 % of deaths for the of! Line, compared to 40 % in 2010 was 14.3 per 1000.. Higher TFR compared to 6.5 % in 1999 of a growing natural decrease worker migrants (. Un reports that only 16 and 25 percent of international migrants to Oman and UAE, respectively, were.. Is 1.7 % per year the official census, grouped by language: [ citation needed ] men, the! For 26 % of the number of ethnic groups with higher fertility rates at financial institution or with money-service! Were more men than women in Russia 's population could fall to million. Mikhail Gorbachev 's anti-alcohol campaign, but its effect was only temporary dislocation it engendered, the population. %, Muslim 10–15 %, Muslim 10–15 %, other 10.1 % темпы численности! 80 % between 1959 and 2010 rate has exceeded its birth rate increased again Russian history and laws unemployment! World population Review in 2019 ) population Density stands at 9 inhabitants per square mile ) [! Higher education and 48 universities economic crisis in Russia include Roman Catholicism ( approx than in 2006: )... The latter rose from its lowest point of 8.27 births per 1000 in 2014 rates, groups! Population increased by 292,400. [ 53 ] 2009, pp a decrease in births a... Of January 1, 2020 to 97.5 males per 100 females in 2020 since recovering from the ex-Soviet in!