HouseFit Water Rower Rowing Machine 330Lbs Weight Capacity for Home use Water Resistance Row Machine Exercise Equipment with iPad and Phone Support LCD Digital Monitor 4.2 out of … The Foot Stretcher Apparatus – The foot stretcher apparatus is my way of saying everything which attaches the feet to the boat. Shimano Rowing Dynamics; Douglas; Empacher; Boards and plates; Rowing shoes, heelflex; Stretcher bar & parts; Side attachment; Keel attachment; Bolts and nuts; Genoa quick-adjustment fitting; Classical foot stretcher … 99 … Rowing shell spare parts and tools for seats, tracks, foot stretchers, oars, riggers, electronics, launches and more. Shimano KF-R510 Carbon Fiber Footstretcher. We offer several families of foot stretchers with multiple plate options. ... New Wave Rowing Shoes: These shoes were designed by New Wave, a high quality supplier of rowing clothing in Europe. Stiffer, stronger and lighter than our flat footboards, this stretcher is an improvement all-round. MaxKare Magnetic Rowing Machine Folding Exercise Rower 16-Level Tension Resistance Precise Display Panel with Storage Box Quite for Home Use 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,153 $259.99 $ 259 . Two kinds available, one with 10 degrees angle within the footstretcher… Foot Stretcher Angle ... Stretchers & Parts Bakelite Plate for Active Shoes Bakelite Plate for Active Shoes (Sculls) $17.60 Stretchers & Parts Bakelite plates-rowing NewWave Size Options: 9-, 10+ $17.60 Stretchers & Parts … Type A - W:245mm L:343mm Type B - W:260mm L:290mm Type C - W:265mm L:328mm Type E - W:285mm L:328mm Therefore the parts are the attachment points, foot stretcher, foot … Browse. Other rigger parts; Rovinox riggers; Foot stretchers. All major brands of rowing … Foot Stretcher Angle Boat Maintenance & Care ... Riggers & Rigger Parts Seats, Slides & Accessories Stretchers… F5 Dreher Carbon Twill Foot Stretcher: The F5 Foot Stretcher is light, stiff and can be used with or without a foot plate. Sykes is a leading manufacturer of World renowned rowing shells and has been providing world class boats and rowing equipment since 1966. PowrBoard's™ ergonomic shape better matches your foot shape, supporting the heel through the drive. Dreher Adjustable Carbon Foot Stretchers are designed to custom fit almost any sculling or sweep boat from a single to an eight. The new PowrBoard™ Stretcher. A beautifully crafted, light and sleek carbon fibre foot stretcher that fits Doubles, Pairs, Fours and Eights. The different foot stretcher … The foot stretcher is fully adjustable. Wet Launch Foot Stretcher Parts… PowrBoard™ STRETCHER.