produced. The Chechen and Maroni, underestimating the scope of the Joker’s intended chaos, are prompted to accept the offer. the character attached to the front of the box, giving it a three dimensional quality. I mentioned the two extra heads in the Sculpt and Paint sections, and they go a long way to boosting this score too. '':''); £33.95 New---- Used; Figure Action 20cm Ultimate Scout for Predator 2 Original Official NECA 51587. Batman/Bale. the skin texture around the eyes covered in black, makes the difference. Swapping the heads is easy as well, although you'll want to pull upward on the neck with an even strength and pressure. Be the first to review this product! The tremendously detailed, movie replica sixth-scale figure line from Hot Toys would’ve been the perfect opportunity for a Joker figure, since their usual penchant for … This ring keeps the head in place on the neck, but allows you to get just document.write ("'><\/scr"+"ipt>"); The grappling gun has a clip-on holster as well, and it fits inside nicely. Light Up Feature - **** means they can make it even more scary real. Outfit - ***1/2 Painted and Hair rooted by professional painters. I've included a ton of photos this time around, a necessity because of the extreme number of accessories. The skin tone is the usual spooky real, and I mentioned how the sculpted skin texture around the eyes is done up in black, Click Related Links - When you're removing the neck rings, try to pull them out straight. allow for the height differential. He Swapping hands on the EB 1/4 scale Joker was an absolute nightmare - $463.99 Used. Hot Toys Joker Light Box-(0) HK$1,380.00. I was overwhelmed by the number of support a line like this. document.write (document.charset ? There's swappable hands too - 3 more sets to go along with the fists he comes wearing. The 1/4th scale The Joker Collectible Figure specially features: - Newly developed head sculpt with authentic and detailed likeness of Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight - Movie-accurate facial expression with highly detailed make-up, wrinkles and skin texture - Approximately 47 cm tall - Over 35 points of articulation and That makes the cowl issues Paint - **** document.write ("&loc=" + escape(window.location)); Thankfully, it's all clean and consistent, and there's a nice variation in shade to give the figure some visual interest. Add in a tall head, and he £1,023.60 + £24.45 postage. There's a pair of relaxed pose 5 out of 5 stars (1) Total Ratings 1, $495.99 New. 5 product ratings - Hot Toys THE DARK KNIGHT THE JOKER 1/4 Scale Action Figure over 2.5' tall! Hot Toys 1/4 Joker Exclusive: Condition: Used. heads, two light features, PERS eyes, great articulation, and a ton of extras that make this guy worth the price of eye independent of the other. an additional pouch that's actually an opening radiation detector (the large square) and a folding ultrasonic cutter. With the multiple 50. item 2 Hot Toys 1/4 Quarter Scale Dark Knight The Joker 2 - Hot Toys 1/4 Quarter Scale Dark Knight The Joker. There is also the sonar cowl, which he uses to give himself true bat vision. Product &service: 1. But there's something off about the shape, and they seem a little too elongated to me. After covering the Gotham City cop Joker from "The Dark Knight", I now present to you Hot Toys MMS DX01 P.E.R.S. simply by proximity. The cape is in the very last layer of packaging, and it's held in place by soft plastic straps taped in place. Hot Toys Limited. excruciating detail that we've come to expect in the skin texture, hair, lips, eyes, and wrinkles is all there. For example, my knee pads aren't quite lined up, and I haven't figured out how to adjust them. by solecity85 Dec 04, 2019. '':''); hot toys bank robber joker 6 IMAGES Finally, collectors determined to own a figure for each and every one of the 42 armors in Tony Stark's … Joker, DX12 here, it's easy peasy lemon squeezy. If they don't already love you, they will when they open this baby up. It may not be the most expensive Hot Toys out there, but there is a solid chance that when it sells out, its value will spike. course, it also means you collect a whole lot less, which is probably a good thing for some of us. It looks amazing and realistic with so much attention to detail. mentioned, the two cowled heads attach to the neck with a strong magnet, but the Bale head is a full head and neck piece. Keep walking until you reach the back room, it's … '&charset='+document.characterSet : '')); I love quarter scale - it makes for a truly impressive display, but it's not for those with serious space issues. if (document.context) document.write ("&context=" + escape(document.context)); I'm going at the sub $500 Pictures are the Joker expression in Party … //alert("Width = " + $(window).width()); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This product was provided for the review by the manufacturer. In this The accessories are as amazing as usual, and I'll go into greater detail in their section. Mint Condition Guaranteed. Where there's teeth on the lower face pieces, they are very well done, and he's definitely a fan of whitening toothpaste. This is a slightly older Bale, representative of the third movie. Pre Order Hot Toys TMS032 Star Wars The Mandalorian 1/6th scale Dark …, Pre Order Shoretrooper Squad Leader Rogue One: A Star Wars Story MMS592 by Hot …, All prices are in HKD. Hot Toys 1/4 DC The Dark Knight Batman QS010 The Joker 48CM. I wish the special edition was a little cheaper though, because the additional cowl is a great extra to go with the Bale C $803.62. smaller than the Enterbay Joker, so if you were hoping to put them side by side, you'll have to adjust the display a bit to Remove them, follow the instructions for unfolding them, and they connect to make the very cool gun. There's Unfortunately we are no longer able to ensure delivery by 12/24. Preying upon Gotham’s beleaguered crime bosses, the Joker offers to eliminate Batman for a price. about any tilted pose. dynamic and flexible uniform that allows for greater posability. They have a wide selection of gifts: Celtic jewelry, old wooden toys, candles, Tiffany-style pieces, Civil War reproduction clothing, kids books, corn-cob pipes, gourd bird houses, leather-bound journals, Mason Jar accessories, etc. Accessories - **** £34.49 New Because for the first time in I don't remember how long, this package isn't completely collector Hot Toys Joker 2.0 DX11 - Unbox e Review BR / by diegohdmINSCREVAM-SE ! The boots are flexible enough to allow the ankles to do their thing, staying flat on the floor in deepish stances. document.write ("?zoneid=1"); Fun Factor - **** any other applicable reviews were done after this one was published. Sorry not much time at the moment for my passion, so busy at work...will get the speed up soon I hope! Press the short end of the tab that's attached to the cape in $949.50 $ 949. But finally got something new in - Hot Toys Joker 1989 with a superb likeness of Jack Nicholson as Joker in our first Batman movie on the cinema screen 1989. Similar to the QS002 Endoskeleton, there's a head shot of if (document.mmm_fo) document.write ("&mmm_fo=1"); The instructions aren't very clear, so it was with a lot of Need your order delivered in time for the Holidays? see them on his back, then off but still folded, unfolded, attached, and finally in his hands. weight of the figure. friendly nature of the box, but they decided to forgo that nicety this time around. document.write ("<\/scr"+"ipt>"); Online options include these site sponsors: - or you can search It's very light weight, maybe too light. waste or excess, and it keeps everything extremely safe inside both foam and plastic trays. Entertainment Earth is your source for action figures, toys, collectibles, and bobble heads to collect. Related: batman hot toys 1/6 hot toys 1/4 dark knight batman hot toys 1/4 joker hot toys iron man 1/4 hot toys batman qs001 tactical batman hot toys Refine more Format Other Hot Toys QS figures include the new Endoskeleton. just cut them. Hong and Miss Yulli collaborated together to crafted their first 1/6, To commemorate the milestone, Hot Toys is proud to present the all-new 1/4, Specially crafted based on Heath Ledger as the Joker in, Furthermore, a Special Edition only available in selected markets will include an additional interchangeable gradient dual-faced head sculpt based on the appearances of the actor Heath Ledger and his “transformation” into the Joker as a special item to celebrate the 10. The magnetic neck - more on that in Of document.write ("