a sabretooth cat The other kodiaks seem to range from about level 30 to 37. greater skeleton Or in most cases a few keypresses but equal excitement because it's great! What you want to do then is put them all together on the same Isboxer Keypress that way you can buff your entire group/raid in a single keypress! By level 24, the druid ac buff is better, and by level 34, both strength and ac are better buffed separately. Unless I decide to drag him along to Time (or CoA) raids, in which case he’ll get the necessary levelling. It is pretty clear that haste, HP and AC buffs all help, to a degree. It tells you how to use an item out of your inventory. If he dies, he won’t respawn for several hours (he is usually back up the next day). Note: This won't work on TLPs until Veils of Alaris. What shaman slow gives you, though, is the ability to counter HASTE. Then once each character finishes buffing cycle through them again and hit Macro 2 then rinse and repeat for Macro 3. You could easily run a group with no Cleric but with a Shaman and a Druid, but not with a Shaman and Druid alone. You may be unfamiliar with both of these commands so I am going to break them down for you. S Tier (Farm some camps and some high difficulty named duo or bring most requirements for a group): Enchanter / Druid - Charm pet dps/tank with druid buffs/heals utility. They can heal, have excellent buffs, snares and can port anywhere. Drop a comment on a post or contact us so we can take care of it! Druids get pet buffs at 19 (Feral Spirit) and 44 (Savage Spirit). The Druid hitpoint (HP) spells, the \"skin\" line, also includes a mana regen co… If you are an enchanter, tash and slow the mob; if you have a druid, snare it; if a shaman, slow it. It is an easy camp for druids, as they can snare their pulls (I do this after engagement) to make breaks easier to handle. recruiting messages. Melee DPS. Druid charms start at level 14, enchanter at level 12. Base Stats Stats are more meaningful in early EQ because they don’t max out right away. They take damage quickly while being hit. For Druid only spell info, see: Druid. Unfortunately, he despawns after the quest hand in. Wears leather armor. If you are on the room wall at a couple of spots, you will sometimes see an aggro message for a kodiak, which will warp on top of you sometime in the next 5 minutes. Not only do they have strong DPS, they scale well with buffs, are top tier pullers, and have high survivability with Feign Death and Mend. EQ related discussion about Druid life in general. This camp gives extraordinary experience, with very little loot. PH names may not be capitalised as here on track, will have to check. Formatting and emphasis have been added for clarity's I covered buff macros a little bit during my Setting up Macros (Advanced) Guide; I'll be repeating some of what I said on that page on this one. 16 – 20% haste, 16 – 20 str, 7 – 14 ac. Buffs, officially called beneficial spells in the game, are spells that benefit the target and have a duration. Travel Macros - 6.0.3 Description: Advanced travel macro for if you want to use a land mount when you can't fly. It memorizes Legacy of Daggerspurs and Copsetender's Unity and then buffs myself with both of them as well as Frostweave Aura and then it memorizes my regular spell set again. This stacking is additive, with attackers suffering the sum of all damage shield buffs on every single swing. The cave you want is the middle of the three all on the same level. I take the Plane of Knowledge stone to GD, cast levitation on myself (or air elemental form for an enchanter), and invis, then run more or less due south west to reach the kodiak caves. The range of abilities allows druids to play multiple roles in a group or to solo effectively. When you make your buff macros I very strongly suggest you do them the same way otherwise you'll have like 10 different macros all to buff one target (your tank). This has major impacts on raiding, specifically high end raiding. Rec - Recommended Level of Item. So until level 44, if the pet is going to be buffed, it is always better to get an enchanter haste. Druids are a leather class and are limited to that type of armor. This is just a way to utilize being able to click an item in your bag with a macro. From what I’ve read in original patch notes the hidden aura buffs were fixed to no longer count as a buff slot, but in Classic WoW they currently are. A lot of the time all three buff macros are meant to be used in succession too. This is what a lot of people don't When I am settled, I head back to the crossroads looking for a kodiak; at first, most will be very red to you. I found it very boring, and had to get out into the light in Dawnshroud after a few levels. b. If they get stuck, they will pop on you after a few minutes and take a big chunk out of you, usually while you are fighting another kodiak. They also have decent Many of the game's damage shield buffs stack with each other. Note: I'd like to point out that this Druid is set up rather sloppily. Bloodmaw, a named kodiak, is your pet, and a remarkably safe one. Beastlord SA Line uses slot 5. The damage shield stat will be added to the sum of any The zones still exist but Type ^help in game to see all the commands. The best strategy seems to be to look for goblin brawlers and skirmishers first, then greater skeletons/scalebones and sabretooth cats. Line 1, Line 2 and Line 4 for this macro shouldn't really need explaining. It memorizes Legacy of Daggerspurs and Copsetender's Unity and then buffs myself with both of them as well as Frostweave Aura and then it memorizes my regular spell set again. Continuing down the macro I have it target my tank... And this is the really really important part. I use all three of these keys in succession about 45 seconds apart each key press. Druid Solo capability: Very Good Druids can do a lot of thing. Some people say that strength buffs increase ATK, and improve the chance of maximum hits; but others say that parses show no improvement from ATK buffs. See you around! There’s no need to do anything else. If you don’t have a ceramic band, mem a low level damage spell to use to pull. However, if you place junk buffs first in your buff stack, they at least have a chance to be dispelled first, so you have a greater chance of keeping your more valuable buffs. Two cycles exist between the windmill and the goblin ruins at the lake, one mostly north of the ruins, and one all south of it onto the hill next to the windmill. From 44 upwards, use the druid pet buff instead. by paul on May.29, 2012, under Equipment, Hints & Tips, Thread mining from SOE forums. From a thread on the SOE forums,  Druids: Charming and Quadding. - LINK DEAD Allakhazam EQ AA wiki EverQuest AA Search - Alternate Advancement search. Druid ImO are one of the best as thay have all the roles u can play aswell there are many ways to play them aka - melee ( tank / dps ) it simila to playing a warrior and a rogue im the kitty all the time :) cuz thay r just fun to play. This means that you WILL take a few hits. For an enchanter, always tash it first, before charm. In fact, I'd recommend you use Swarm of the Fireflies on yourself rather than on the tank assuming you have a Cleric with you that casts Divine Guardian on the tank. You will find kodiak pelts (plain ones, not suitable for the coldain ring quest), kodiak claws and kodiak bracers, all of which sell for a few platinum. Req - Required Level of Item. In the first macro it's not uncommon for me to load a 'buffs' spell set and then unload that same spell set in the final macro. He is a level 20 undercon with 32k hit points, and will be green at the time you charm him. Feral Spirit, level 19. My buddy had a level 50 druid when Velious was the current expansion. A few kodiaks spawn along the main passage and wander around and out, and there are caves to the left and right with several spawns in. Druids are a nature's priest class, and the second best healer in the game to clerics. (continue reading…), by paul on Oct.14, 2007, under Spells & Abilities, I need to start to plan upgrades for my druid’s AAs. Those of you out there Alt Tab boxing - you'll just have to tab to each character once and hit the 'Buff' Macro. I have always attributed this to an out-of-proportions desire to stop people from helping low level friends/alts tear through the content, though I wonder how much of it was also a reaction from casters setting up shop as they did in the PoK. With a workaround for Draenor being seen as flyable by the game. There are several courier cycles in the area; the ones to the west, closer to the Sarnak fort, are reported not to drop the ring. If someone comes in to do the quest, I ask them to wait for my current pull to complete, then let them go ahead. The ability to port is very nice when soloing as you minimize travel time. by paul on May.14, 2003, under Spells & Abilities. a Sarnak youth I have seen Iksar brigands and marauders, Sarnak flunkies, sabertooth tigress in the cycle – none of the other mobs, including goblins, so far. It'll give you a very long list of all the different useitem commands that the game accepts. Plus Shaman's buffs + Lions is nice melee boost, but doesn't help casters. Magician and Druid damage shields are the best; with Magicians being slightly ahead of Druids. That means you don't stop in the middle of buffing to bull some enemies or fight some enemies. ©Copyright 2008-2020 Almar's Guides. These are the basics of what you're looking to setup in a Buffs Macro. a goblin skirmisher All three of the buff macros are meant to be used in succession immediately back to back. The following information, directly from the EQ Character Creation Screens, is the correct and latest word from Sony Online Entertainment about stats and their game effects. The exact spawn points seem random, but the northern mobs all spawn at or north of the line of pillars, and the southern spawns are all south of this. This page covers Buff Macros and all the different ways that you can set them up. Druid-Strong healer with a nature theme. Generally Druid's heal and buff during downtime. I don't want you to copy me word for word I want you to take my advice and make it your own. It's awesome! Savage Spirit, level 44. Druids, along with wizards, have the ability to transport their groups to a multitude of zones throughout Norrath and Luclin. (continue reading…), a goblin brawler A few notes on this subject, regarding buffing. Druid charms start at level 14, enchanter at level 12. On the subject of other buffs, opinions vary, as always. Still not finding what you're looking for? Haste or shielding won’t make much difference to your kill rate. This is a repeat of what's in the Advanced Macros Guide but with much more added detail. Your set up is going to be your own creation. As you can see, it's setup more for raid scenarios as the first line of it casts Tranquil Blessings. When they are engaged, root the mob. Alteration is the basis of most of the Druid's buffs, heals, and gates. While buffing your characters if you have any items that you want to use out of your inventory - this is how you do it! Kapeesh? At the level a druid gets Feral Spirit, the equivalent enchanter haste is faster (28% compared to 16%), although the druid strength and ac buffs available are still weaker. A lot of detail goes into my buff macros and they usually consist of 2 and most times 3 macros per character. As you can see from the list, /useitem 32 is the last inventory slot. I use a ceramic band, and don’t bother with KEI; I rarely need a break for mana reasons without KEI. Bard melee song buffs are much better than their caster buffs. Just of course be sure to NEVER change that items inventory slot or you'll have to rewrite the entire macro!! When you are settled in, charm your pet. A typical EQ group was made by Tank (WAR,DK,Pally) + Cleric + CC (Chanter or Bard) + 2 DPS + 1 Support (Shaman or Druid). Druid cripple and cleric vie are both adequate for damage mitigation. I pull with my ceramic band or low level spell (low MR, so resists are rare, even with the reds). I have each class set up with buff macros for those keybinds and by the time I am done pressing them all I am basically raid buffed. A level 65 druid can use gear from Time; although you can enter at 62 without a flag (or at level 1 if you use the Herald of Druzzil Ro in PoK), 65 is required to equip items. To bring up the help window for useitem just enter /useitem in game without inputting any numbers after it. As you can see I have it use Preincarnation (a self buff) as well as Swarm of the Fireflies; this assumes I still have the tank targeted and then Wrath of the Wild. AA links [] SOE Current AA Status thread - A single place you can reference for AA updates. greater scalebone Enchanters get haste buffs from 16 upwards, which mutually overwrite, although both druid and enchanter The Druid buffs have all been categorized in the "target" or first category, even the group/AoE ones. 64 – 70% haste, 42 – 45 str, 15 – 16 ac. The druid is a priest class that can cast healing spells, teleport, snare (to slow down enemies movement rate), and moderately-powerful nuking and damage-over-time spells, as well as charming animals to use them as pets. When a raid mob procs a dispel AE, such as Nagafen or Vox, it is guaranteed to remove your first buff. Not as strong a group heal as clerics, but does … Druids, Rangers and Shadow Knights have self-only damage shield buffs. What it all comes down to is you're gonna wanna lay out all the buffs you normally use and then put them all into a series of macros. Be ready if this happens. (continue reading…), by paul on May.29, 2012, under Hints & Tips, Leveling. Buffs are getting pushed off at well below 32 buffs. The numbers that come AFTER 32 are the slots of the bag which holds the item I want to use. For those of you who have Isboxer what I do is I bind Ctrl F1, Ctrl F2, Ctrl F3 and Ctrl F4 as 'Buff' Keys. Druids make one of the best starting characters in EQ due to their amazing ability to make money via teleports, item farming, versatility, ease of travel, and quad killing giants. At this stage in the game, standard Defiant gear (Elaborate for 65), Trio jewellery and level 65 required SoF drops will cover most slots. a Sarnak courier. The server allow for characters to summon up to two bots at a time. This is NOT a way to bypass being unable to click an item in your bag. Take a look around the cave while you are here. Finally there is one last lesson I would like to give you about buff macros. Snare also generates a lot more aggro, which can mean that you have to kite around Bloodmaw’s chamber for a minute while he builds up aggro. The druid's DS buffs will damage the mob(s) each time the mob hits the druid. For the remaining two buff macros I assume that the tank stays targeted the entire time. Has a single target heal that competes with clerics. Thanks for dropping by! Stacking an enchanter ac buff with a druid skin is always beneficial. As you can see in the picture above the very first line of the macro I mem another spell set. Savage Spirit is another story; it gives significantly greater haste than the same level enchanter (66% versus 47%), which enchanters can only match at level 58. If you time the pauses right you can cycle through the entire macro with just a single keypress. Enchanters get haste buffs from 16 upwards, which mutually overwrite, although both druid and enchanter strength and AC buffs seem to stack with the druid buff (check?). Protection of the Cabbage, level 59. ac 24. There you have it though! Note: I'd like to point out that this Druid is set up rather sloppily. At EQII at launch there were five minute (!) Mobs will spawn on the hills to the west, and out the stream to the north, but seem to roam in towards the valley. D - No Trade (Drop) (N). Issue with Druid on a POP locked server is that they never get the AA called spell casting subtlety. Spawn points are in the area between the windmill and the lake. As a cleric can’t invis, you will need to bribe and fetch your helper. Rangers can cast DoTs that put a beefy damage shield on the monster's target for a short while, for example Swarm of Hornets Rk. Back to top ↑. Evocation Specialization is good for both grouping and soloing Druid's. buffs and most buffs had a restriction that only allowed you to cast them on group/raid members. Powered by WordPress and pixeled. This is to make sure they don't stack with buffs from the same line, but do stack with the other class's buffs … One thing to watch is that kodiaks WILL get stuck in the walls unless you are very careful about guiding them through the tunnels. Finally chase down the iksars in that valley. My hypothesis is that there are hidden aura buffs from enchants, talents, and gear. Druid tracking is capped at 20 at launch, and raised to 50 come Plane of Sky patch. I'm using him as an example somewhat for this reason, to show you that everything we're doing is subjective. EQ:Items Clicky Buffs AC Column Notes: Item - Item Name and Link to Lucy (and/or Alla) page. Druids can use most blunt weapons and a selection of scimit… So far I have only taken a ring from the north of the two cycles. He’s 62, and has been for a while, and may well stay 62 for a while longer. The real question boils down to to the Druids have a variety of spells that make them very effective at soloing. The following line uses Shieldstone Blessing which is the level 105 version of Druid's Skin buff. Don’t snare the mob on the pull; they are naturally slow, and they seem to get stuck in the walls a lot more when snared. Sweet icons by famfamfam. This one is going to go over a little bit of what I went over in the Setting up Advanced Macros Guide, with multiple saved Spell Sets. They're one of the simpler melee classes to set up A couple of things you should know about Bloodmaw: he seems to have a very slow regen rate; this may be just a function of his large hit points pool. Enchanter / Cleric - Chanter goodies, buffs and Cheal for pet, rez. The courier drops… Goblin Gazughi ring, instant clicky invis to animals, essential tool for charm classes. Details: While outdoors, not in combat and standing Stamina buffs don’t seem to increase HPs for pets; but dexterity buffs do increase the chance of a pet procing (this is significant for beastlords). The last buff macro I have for my Druid is shown in the screen shot above. 26 Topics 103 Posts Last post Dot kiting by keyvin Wed Dec 18, 2013 4:51 pm Have SoW, Will Travel Forum for LFD (looking for druid!) Druids get pet buffs at 19 (Feral Spirit) and 44 (Savage Spirit). Various Starting Zones 1 – 5+(This way is not recommended except for on Progression Servers, Project 1999 and EQ Classic Severs) In the olden days of Everquest, every race had their own starting zone. One thing worth remembering is that a level 39+ cleric can heal Bloodmaw; it will take several casts of complete heal while you have him charmed. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. Their heals are lesser than clerics and better than shamans, but they share some of the healing/cures spells with the shamans. One other thing to watch is where you sit in the cave. EQ:Items Clicky Buffs Mana Regen Notes on Other Mana Regen Buffs and Spell Slots: Enchanter Clarity Line of spells are in Slot 2. I was getting between 2 and 6% per kill from 30 (mostly 6%) to 35 (mostly 2%) before the charm nerf; after the nerf a quick test with a level 29 shaman showed him getting around 2% per kill at 29. The mobs listed above, if they appear, will always be part of a courier cycle, however. A very nice spot to practice charming for enchanters, druids and shamans is at the kodiak caves in Great Divide. We're past that old EQ phase where shaman slow > all. Druid series Feral Spirit (Armor Set) (80) - The Shadow Odyssey legendary druid shard armor set ("t1") Untamed Forces (Armor Set) (80) - The Shadow Odyssey legendary druid greater shard armor set ("t2") Magmatic Energy t3") For this reason, as well as he inevitable damage you will take from a break at close quarters, my enchanter liked to partner with a druid here. But first, let's take a look at a good old every day traditional buff macro: This is one of the actual macros that I use on my Druid. With limited running around space, this is bad. (Reduce threat from spells) With buffs to Druid dps you will pull agro very easily for the life of this server. Look maybe I'm the oddball here because I never played a Druid as a main but I have played them in EQ. Sometimes a common mob can spawn as the PH; use track to check this. Head in (still invis), and straight across the cross roads; Bloodmaw is along with a gnome captive in a room at the back. They also make a valuable addition to groups as healers and DPS. Keep the mob rooted whenever it breaks. Sarnak youths (and the occasional flunkie) will be attacked and killed by goblins – as will the courier, if you don’t watch out. He is also a quest NPC. Zerker is a good choice. All rights reserved. A rare spawn, Icetooth, who is level 37 and a significantly tougher fight (he can take almost 10% off Bloodmaw’s hit points), also drops a pelt or some claws, which can sell in the Bazaar. L - Lore (L).