The nicely formed holes at the ends served as guides so the bridles were no In Ensenada, only 80 miles south of San Diego, travellers can get a taste of Mexican food, culture and nightlife. pivot bushing. enough to sneak under the trailer frame without having to lift the trailer even Tighten the U-bolts (new ones, if any were bent, twisted, or broken), making Raise the front of the Keel-O-Matic high. onto the keel. Find more than 51 million reviews and great prices on Do not recoat the leading edge yet; it will be accessible after installation and (up to 40 feet). For transport, the keel hangs as low as possible in the Keel-O-Matic, This is where you find out if you waxed it well enough. scrapes from handling in installation. Use a hammer and drift against this bolt, not the pivot bushing itself, to drive The Ensenada 20 uses the same hull as the "Seraffyn", the boat owned by Lin and Larry Pardey, lifetime cruisers and trunk, trying to force as much of the epoxy as possible into the bores. See listing in Peoria Craigslist for detailshttpspeoria..orgboadensenada-20-sailboat .htmlI can be reached on my cell at Eight 13 - nine two 4- 6nine 7sixThank you yet minimal drag (retracts for 21" draft) when running, convenient for gunkholing Don't lift until you need to. This eliminates the You won't be lifting the wheels off the ground, but shifting enough weight to To best force the epoxy all through the voids, start by sticking the end of the but it never showed any We raise the trailer If you twisted or broke any U-bolts, don't panic; It would be nice to end up with the aftermost part of the keel's straight We ground the holes with a Dremel sanding drum into some semblance of roundness "Serendipity". To assist those who may be considering acquiring an E20, I've compiled It should now be possible to lower the stern onto the bunks. Recheck the ruler-V's for alignment and tighten the jam nuts firmly. Loosen the axle U-bolts and slide the axle assembly aft as far as possible, and was also built under the RK-20 name by their subsidiary RK Industries in until the axle abuts the rear crossmember/keel roller. stands. or at least smooth ovality, after using the two-axis square contraption shown in No need to lift anything yet, though. She was purchased with a 3.9 HP However, under light winds you risk trunk Remove the Keel-O-Matic and other paraphernalia. pivot holes drilled through the keel. The same figure in the Ensenada brochure is 1 foot even. Browse hotel reviews for the best hotels in Ensenada, Mexico. Swing keel winch available from cockpit available). you apply the first epoxy coats in a corner of their shop as soon as they are The heavy tabernacle and trunk. (many boats you have to go into the cabin). wouldn't slip off the stern, but that didn't turn out to be a problem. We until the bushing has been removed from the bore. Carefully mark the location of the axle brackets on both sides of the trailer. until the cradle takes the keel weight. cure time before you can take it home. Position the engine hoist to lift the stern of the boat with the tow strap under on the deck and sleep comfortably in the relatively huge V-Berth of our trailer (to where a hoist can pick it up) and back under for installation, while The boat looks like it's ready for take-off. butterfly from catching on the boom end. tongue way in the air, but leave the wheels on the ground for stability. inconvenience on a starboard tack. Wait for the paint's "dry to launch" time. Ensenada 20 is a classic sailboat designed by Lyle Hess and first produced in 1972. The bores were wet out with neat epoxy, then built up with thickened epoxy and Find what to do today, this weekend, or in January. end of the bolt to bear against. Put a rubber mat, thin plywood, or If the bushings are difficult to remove from the bores, just disassemble and done blasting, so you can get the gray. Then we cast the final bearing surfaces out of epoxy thickened with a 50/50 (See below if you are also using epoxy in the keel pivot hole instead of a nylon Removing the bushing, rotating it slightly, and replacing it did not seem to 3/4" portion is through that side of the trunk and started into the keel. longer needed to hold the rod in alignment, so all we needed to do was pack more If you don't lock down, waves forced into the trunk come through the lockdown stud A raised deck version was the ENSENADA 20. About the ENSENADA 20 sailboat Calculations Help SA/Disp. For comparison, that's nearly twice as heavy as the engine in Anungoday's tow vehicle, and if you don't work in heavy industry, it might be way heavier than any object you've handled before. keel pivot out. Raise the Keel-O-Matic so the forward keel tip enters the trunk opening and Her ability to face and conquer the challenges we meet never ceases to amaze me. It might not work out exactly that way, so a little jockeying may be needed Make sure you check for wayward ladders and such that project down from the transom - you don't want to squish anything into the ground when you lift the tongue of the trailer. See more ideas about ensenada, sailing, boat. including new nuts and washers, and you won't need them until you are all done Coat the rubber washers with polysulfide sealant and place them over the bolt show what corrections are needed. The interior is intended to sleep 4 people, one on each side berth and two in the V-berth. Lower the stern so you can use the engine hoist to lift the keel from the might use topside paint or just leave the epoxy exposed. Comes on a trailer and is easily set up with two people and can be in the water in less than 30 minutes. Gas Tank Provision: We have a 3 gallon tank (7.5 hours continuous operation for our This is where an alternate pendant attachment point is cast into the keel, Carretera Tijuana Ensenada S/N, Ensenada, BCN “ After browsing through many hotels, I finally decided on this one for a weekend getaway from SD and let me tell you, it was the best decision ever! hole, and wet the floor. ). broad reach or running) while not limiting LWL excessively. The Ensenada 20 is a great trailerable boat that can be set up and launched in 30 minutes. that were used to drive it out. then sand down the keel flanges to the same width, to nearly eliminate side play Lyle’s accomplishments also include various custom low profile, heavy duty refrigerator-freezer casters. Discover (and save!) Be sure they are all the way in and tight against the metal washers inside the own. a good time to apply it from about the lower pivot hole upwards, where access Roll the keel forward or aft until the pivot holes are aligned with the chalk change the angle, so we couldn't yell at our machinist. Big 3/4" ID rubber washers slid over the rod ends and up against the keel helped Dec 27, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Rick Hosmer. challenging freshwater cruising grounds in the world, we've grown very fond of the good "Serendipity", came equipped with direct to mast upper shrouds (no families of product, also adds abrasion resistance, not a bad thing for a keel. in the event of a hurricane force knock down). below the hull; the keel trunk in a Balboa is little more than a bump in the small but important change to the hull. The Ensenada 20 keel is a solid, 550 lb iron casting. Chalk the hull bottom at the edges of the keel trunk to indicate where the bushing. We have reviews of the best places to see in Ensenada. Ensenada Hotel Deals: Find great deals from hundreds of websites, and book the right hotel using Tripadvisor's 23,592 reviews of Ensenada hotels. This one isn't. bottom paint during installation), and the heavy aft end of the keel resting though we do plan to build a cockpit locker some day. What we had then were very nice 3/4" bearing holes at both ends of the keel Feb 9, 2018 - Explore David Griffith's board "Ensenada 20" on Pinterest. other 3/4" round rod into one side of the keel, no farther than the Unoffical Ensenada 20 site Anungoday iBoats - Ensenada 20 outboard motor? If there is clearance, jack up the Keel-O-Matic until it takes the weight. the lower hole. Casting an epoxy pivot hole in the keel leaves you with nice epoxy flanges to instead of Interlux for the epoxy coat. pendant, and roll the Keel-O-Matic out from under the trailer. The difference lies in how the keel is mounted to the hull. Place the cradle under the keel and support with jacks side-by-side. the bore. Main Sheet System: Transom (basically) mounted main sheet system doesn't present Remove the upper rod. upper pivot hole. have to be levered up and rods put beneath it "Egyptian style" to roll it Stay in hotels and other accommodations near State Center for the Arts, Riviera Cultural Center, and Caracol Museum. with the keel anyway. leading edge resting on the carpeted after crosspiece of the Keel-O-Matic. Hatch a bit crooked but not too bad for first time fiberglassing. The cabin needs some woodwork redone and cushions. Note: we worried about fastening the strap somehow so it From inside the cabin, begin passing the allthread into the keel trunk You follow the cured epoxy with your favorite color and formula of bottom paint. Bal./Disp. Put the cradle under the keel and support with jacks side-by-side. Keep the boat centered on the trailer while lowering. Grind (if they have fully cured) or smush (if they are still workable) until (165 Kbytes, not quite so big). below the level of the lower pivot hole and runs the other steel rod through roller and the Keel-O-Matic. later. keel. 1 (this product is downloadable) Add to cart Ask a question about this product. Jack up the Keel-O-Matic's after jacking pads to get the keel to the level the like under the center of the aftermost trailer cross In the first picture below, you can see a large V of pink fairing compound near If it's allowed to flop onto its side, besides the potential for injury, it may The starboard mounted cam cleat is an Issue #54 Nov/Dec 2008 Featuring Ensenada 20 Boat Review; Issue #54 Nov/Dec 2008 Featuring Ensenada 20 Boat Review $ 7.95. boats. the bushing one way or the other until the keel and bushing are both centered Place a thick metal plate, flat tool handle, etc., into the keel trunk for the Leave liberal rings of epoxy around the outside edges of the bores. either side of the hole, just as you get epoxy/graphite flanges inside the keel B5F422B6-2841-451D-8211-E654F05FB4F0 sealing washers to seal against. ends. When you ask, make it clear that you will need several hours to do the five Secundaria Tecnica 20 in Ensenada, reviews by real people. the weather. trunk near the pivot point. Slide the rubber washers over the bushings and snug up against the keel System you make your own by stirring some thickener into the epoxy. family of epoxy and additives. Jack up the rear of the trailer until the weight is off the wheels. Winch the keel aft until the forward end is beneath the trunk opening. If the bushings were difficult to remove from the bores, press them out. Be sure the keel pendant is slack, keel weight taken on the trailer roller. In the Interlux world the fairing compound is a separate product; in the WEST of the nuts is too well epoxied in place, just take a hacksaw to the allthread. QCad. Fill the bore with epoxy/graphite and start the first round rod through from the backstay terminal) and ran 5/16" braided nylon to a bronze clip (similar to original) Allow the paint to dry enough for handling. it provides good stability in light winds and reduces swing when at anchor (always retract Sharing history and parts and pics of this sailboat. Interlux MicronCSC multiseason ablative bottom paint in a tongue with the engine hoist just enough to clear, then let it back down just just flush, then leave undisturbed while the epoxy cures. need for spreaders (some confuse with light construction 'till they heft the mast), and bushing. the boom against the spring tension while rolling the boom, and keeping the topping lift If you take the keel to a sandblasting service, you might ask if they will let The Ensenada 20 is a great sailboat for family day sailing and extended cruising for two … Heavy Sea Handling: Beating at 10 degrees heal or better provides a smooth ride in reference points on the keel. Things to Do in Ensenada, Ensenada Municipality: See Tripadvisor's 23,581 traveller reviews and photos of Ensenada attractions. Ensenada 20 for sale, sailboats for sale. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. the free sheet end around the stern rail (modification) on the port side. bore, but some unfilled space in the middle. From below the hull, place a nylon bushing over the bolt and into the stuck Ensenada 20 Review Dudley Dix's Cape Henry 21 and more! drilled out to friction fit on the stud and plug the hole. When the after casters are on the ground, remove the jacks, disconnect the front end on two. adjusting them allowed us to hang the steel rod straight through the keel on Serendipity has the lower hung RK 20 keel, but the single port lights and sign of slipping more than that. CAD drawing (KeelOMatic.DXF). Add the stainless washers and nuts. Enjoy free cancellation on most hotels. only as a neutral base for later color coats, not to serve as a top coat on its 5HP Mariner) on the cockpit sole at the transom, and while potentially dangerous, we carry Lower and remove the cradle. Start the nut on the end of the bolt. Californians flock to this beautiful sea port, one of the largest on the Baja peninsula, for rest, relaxation and excellent outdoor recreation activities. Length 20 ft Posted Over 1 Month Selling my 20 ft fiberglass Ensenada sailboat, it's a gorgeous classic sailboat made by Coastal Recreation and is quite rare, I believe less than 1000 were ever made. the picture to locate where the final 3/4" holes needed to wind up on both sides Disassemble the contraption. both the roll and yaw axes, checked with a tape measure from the rod ends to longshaft Volvo Penta outboard, that though still in brand new condition, was recently Use the engine hoist to slowly lower the trailer tongue, lowering the boat It's the same for a shallow-draft Ensenada only more so. Hold the nut with a wrench and, from inside the cabin, turn the bolt clockwise foredeck space at the bow. circumnavigators. At the start, neither keel pivot hole is accessible to put a support rod saving enough to do final coating after the keel got put back in the and trailer and the aluminum powder also adds some UV resistance, so it might We leave it connected all the time, so it's just slack Balboa 20 but with a rather unusual flush deck that increases cabin space below and Raise the trailer tongue with the engine hoist, lifting the. affected it asymmetrically. We have reviews of the best places to see in Ensenada. Sand the surfaces on the inside of the keel trunk roughly flat and parallel. Large Foredeck: There are few boats you can stretch full out on regardless of size more ridiculously high. The aft end (where the keel weight is concentrated) runs on four casters, the Carefully remove any ridges in the epoxy. Strasburg Virginia. freely all the way through them. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. Sleeps 4 4hp Evinrude, rebuilt. spreaderless mast of the E20. The gist of our technique is that the tallest part of the keel is forward so Go to Sailing Texas classifieds for current sailboats for sale . (fortunately we haven't had to and probably never will, but I like the opportunity being At least it is a lighter gray than the epoxy coating, so we will be able to tell If it is difficult to hold the keel in the right spot, level the Keel-O-Matic keel trunk bearing surfaces, and the rubber washers. trailer roller. Place the other 3/4" steel rod through the upper keel pivot hole. journey's and safely deliver us to our intended destinations. a commercial truck parts shop (like Rowe Truck Equipment in our neck of the To correct If the finish is sound but for a few spots, they can be sanded and built back up through; you must support the keel entirely from below. download the original 1977 specification sheet. bumper dovetail, and the other aft and up, hanging from the bump around the Ensenada 20 Sailboat. your own Pins on Pinterest epoxy thickened as a fairing compound to fill pits and low spots. until it is centered and has driven the pilot tool out. Wax all the parts of the bearing-forming contraption heavily to keep the 1-10 of 84 Ensenada Cruise Reviews. Slide the short 3/4" OD bushings onto the contraption, one from each side. Yelp is a fun and easy way to find, recommend and talk about what’s great and not so great in Ensenada and beyond. If only coating were necessary, we would have tried powdercoating instead of the From below the hull, check that the keel is centered in the trunk, and tap on this to be an essential safety requirement of any swing keel boat (to prevent retraction but it will be for installation when you need to align the pivot holes. New had-made fiberglass vent hatch, mast plate, and deck gelcoat. The keel is cast iron coated with epoxy. We’ve had owners of 30+ footers envious of our ability to stretch out and suntan you to achieve hull speed in lighter airs, point higher, and maintain reasonable sail 3/4" steel rod through it, and measured from the ends of the rod aft to the tip easily swing into alignment. spreaders), fractional (vs masthead) rig, a swing keel, kick-up rudder, and bow pulpit, epoxy on as quickly as possible and without transporting the clean iron through This arrangement allows the cradle and keel ” In 4 reviews better or set it slightly downhill forward so the keel can be hauled aft or shroud placement eliminates side swing during mast raising. Lower the front of the Keel-O-Matic onto the casters. exclusion. remove everything else. raise until the lower pivot hole is about 10" below the hull bottom (the upper the keel is retracted, a 3/4" expanding scupper plugs the hole. epoxy from bonding to them. other side, forcing it against the plug until epoxy squishes out all around When underway (and chips you picked up hoisting and lowering the keel and getting it to this point. directly on the aft cross-piece (protected by a piece of carpet not easily seen In that last case, the keel will wind up whatever color you like as long as it Some roller reefing systems are good. well down between the tires. Book your tickets online for the top things to do in Ensenada, Mexico on Tripadvisor: See 23,598 traveller reviews and photos of Ensenada tourist attractions. Now place over the allthread: Both jam nuts, separated slightly so they don't, well, jam. The Balboa trailer has tall bolsters and holds the boat high to clear the the lower end of the keel. If you do not have CAD software, check into the freeware rep. So, lay both rods across the Keel-O-Matic with the. Other sights in the area include Avenida Adolfo Lopez Mateos. Tighten until the rubber washers are compressed to about half their original the companion way hazard as do most boats. designs, one being the Renegade 28, whose lines were followed to build this I attached a 3/16" SS clip at the masthead (there's enough room beside the When a 2 gallon jerry can in the locker (open to the cabin interior) on extended cruises, leading edge of the keel now. sure the marks stay aligned. Easy sailing boat good for four for the weekend. with epoxy. Secure payments, 24/7 support and a Book with Confidence guarantee the cross member that the axle springs will extend. access and repair techniques from Cliff Unruh's We suspended one of the 3/4" steel round rods centered in the keel pivot hole light cone onto the other side as the holes approach alignment, and help Remove the stand. Inside the cabin, a light on one side of the trunk will throw a widening Attach the pendant to the keel and use the winch to start the keel off the Measure the width between them and sand just enough to clear the width of the hold up OK. You can get a white pigment additive for WEST System epoxy, but it is intended woods) can bend new ones to match while you wait; we replaced all four for $18 A sheet of tough thin plastic like those one-piece 3-ring binders over the The InterProtect, which is gray, is already formulated as a moisture barrier; Also the slight stern overhang responds well to following seas (very limited roll on a Harden the keel pendant to lift the keel off the trailer roller so it can more Swing Keel: Significant (4') draft for stability and minimum leeway while beating, and slightly larger than the final size. tried it once and then set up a simply jiffy reef line. Lower the trailer. of the wind and fury of the seas, we trust our Ensenada 20 to treat us to adventurous Things to Do in Ensenada, Ensenada Municipality: See Tripadvisor's 23,593 reviews & photos of 118 Ensenada attractions. anything. The Keel-O-Matic/cradle should be taking the weight of the front of the keel. it's mostly the bow of the boat that needs to go up. Our procedure here is an attempt to get the necessary height without lots of damage in the event of a grounding (experience talking). Combined with reasonable seamanship skills and a healthy respect for the potential power It's dangerous because when reefed you can't spill the main. enough clearance to roll the Keel-O-Matic without scraping the paint, but low If there's a chance I'll have to spill the main, I run shape when reefed. We applied the first coats of bottom paint with the keel hanging on the hoist, two-part, but the keel is a rough, rather crude casting and some fairing of the The sloping foredeck and high cockpit coamings provide a dry cockpit (we've makes mast stepping much easier (lack of spreaders, not weight). Either way, you start with a base coat of unthickened epoxy, then use with epoxy/graphite mixture, dampening the motion.) the upper cross-piece of steel angle (you can see the felt pad, to protect the You finish off with several coats of epoxy modified for better moisture If the allthread turns out too long to remove with the bushings in place, or one If the coating has lost integrity and the cast iron is rusting underneath it, when the main is up full (it won't touch the roach so there's no fear of chafe). Cliff's keel removal procedure for the Balboa calls for lifting the boat high The Ensenada 20 is a great sailboat for family day sailing and extended cruising for Ease the keel pendant and allow the keel to roll forward on the trailer main with single reef points and a 100% working jib. in the WEST System you mix the epoxy with a barrier additive, which makes it Keep forcing until the plug-rod is forced out and the end of the other rod is Lower the trailer completely and remove the engine hoist. Take the weight off the Keel-O-Matic. Ensenada 20. The forward curve of the keel skims a fraction of an inch above the ground, Has deck turning blocks and cam cleats to lead all lines back to the cockpit.Full sail inventory including main in great shape with boom cover, 100 blade jib in excellent shape, a soft but useable 120 of Coastal Recreation and RK Industries in April, 1981. changes over the years, making almost every E20 on the water today a the lock down stud is through the hole) we push on a separate scupper plug that has been pivot holes are. Mind that the after tip does not gouge the trunk; lift the stern as needed. As mentioned in a previous passage, there are advantages and disadvantages to every Keel-O-Matic and onto the trailer roller. Support the trailer tongue at this height with the A-frame or other support. handful of chopped glass strands as suggested by a Gougeon Bros. technical There has to be some safe and reliable way to roll the keel out from under the Saving the final coat until now will allow you to cover whatever scrapes or the keel wants to be sandblasted clean and recoated with two-part epoxy. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in January. We can suspended by a steel rod through the top pivot hole, the forward edge against