This Playskool Transformer Optimus Prime toy combines fast-paced racing action with an array of possible adventures. We’ve made sure our selection provides hours of enjoyment. The figure includes a cool spaceship look and articulation, making it posable and playable. The Best Transformer Toy. A: A Transformer toy is an action figure that is based on the Transformers franchise. 1. Reviews - While the reviews may not have been written by the kids who are getting the most out of the toys, those who bought it for them can still tell us how much the kids liked them. This action figure stands tall at 5.5 inches and converts from robot to a Cybertron armored truck in 14 steps, making it an excellent pick for fans looking for an advanced converting figure. Kids can use the trailer to complete high-speed races with both Bumblebee and Blurr mini-vehicles, while Prime watches on. New Transformers Studio Series 2020 Toys Revealed! Check out our Lego Ninjago sets review for our top picks. Deluxe Class Paleotrex is a … So, we chose our top selections based on these four factors. No matter what emergency strikes, this rescue bot figure converts easily to combat crime and team up with the human friends for exciting rescue adventures. My Top 10 Best / Worst Transformers of 2020 by GotBot. Best Transformers Toys . And here is the big man, the top dog, the most recognizable character in the Transformers franchise: Optimus Prime. The robot action figure combines with other power of the Primes Dinobots figures Slug, Grimlock, Swoop, among others as they are related characters of the Hasbro trademark. The Nemesis figure also switches from vehicle to robot mode in 17 stages, making it a versatile Transformer and an excellent collectible Prime master character that your kid can add to his collection. Blurr is small enough to fit on any shelf, in any toy box and any room without obstructing your walkway after a lengthy play session. Transformers Toys. Besides, he holds up well and when combined, making him a poseable figure. This discontinued figure is now only available through sellers and that is one of the reasons we’ve made it our premium choice. Easily convertible between ambulance and robot mode, Pull apart to transform from robot to ambulance. Do they come with awesome accessories that make one toy much cooler than another? The Rescue Bots toys are made at an exceptional quality and can withstand all kinds of youngster bashing and thrashing, which only means that they are even more equipped to protect the world than first believed. For authenticity, it comes with excellent movie detailing and out-of-the-box instructions to get playing immediately. › 2020 › 01 › 22 › the-best-transformers-characters Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Victorion Collection Pack, 9. Blog. Additionally, the set notably features premium quality materials, highly tested, non-toxic, and B.P.A. Bumblebee, 3. He also teams up with other transformer figures to join in the battle to defend the Earth to conquer the space from the Decepticons. Rank . Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MP-36 Megatron, 10. Additionally, the toy is compact, making it easy to handle by little hands. An essential addition to any collection for play or display, you can be sure that Megatron is plotting his revenge not too far away. About. Contact. The engineering that goes into making the cab is incredible. Joe, Ghosbusters and Power Rangers line for 2020 at this year's annual Toy Fair in New York. One of the cooler Transformers Prime toys (not that there’s a shortage of coolness), The best Bumblebee Transformer toy for youngsters is an Amazon Exclusive and a totally authentic replica based on the, We all know and love Bumblebee, so why not inspire your kid to feel exactly the same way. The joints are tight, and the legs well made that make this figure poseable. The 7-in-1 Mensor collection pack is versatile and beautiful paintwork on each figure. The pieces are easy to wash with either hot or cold water. Unlike other toys in the Rescue Bots range, you can actually see a marked difference in appearance after transforming, which may not mean anything to the kid, but gives you something more interesting to look at when tidying them up.