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With 62% of Americans now in favor of legalization, marijuana is moving out of the basement and into our daily lives. Whether it’s for anxiety, pain relief, added focus and creativity, or general mood enhancement, people are finding value in this once-stigmatized plant. One of the hottest trends in cannabis is micro-dosing and it’s about the furthest thing from bong passing and White Castle runs. Micro-dosing is a fantastic entry point to experiencing the vast benefits of cannabis.

So, what is micro-dosing anyway? The term micro-dosing means taking a sub perceptual amount (~2-5mg) of THC to experience the medicinal effects without the psychoactivity associated with higher doses.  In short, micro-dosing is consuming cannabis without the intent of getting high. Micro-dosing’s success is bolstered by the cannabis plant’s bi-modal nature; meaning at low doses you get one effect and at higher doses you get an opposite effect. For example, very low doses commonly inspire feelings of focus and comfort, whereas very high doses lend themselves to distractions and paranoia.

So, you want to micro-dose? The trend is hot and you want in, here are five micro tips to get you on your way!

  1. Start low, go slow-

This is the overarching mantra when it comes to edibles and for good reason- taking too much can be quite uncomfortable. A good starting point is between 2mg and 5mg. Everyone is different; body types, metabolism, and a slew of other factors play into the effects so start on the low end and see what works best for you.

  1. Try it on the weekend-

For the last decade, top tech professionals in Silicon Valley have experimented and pioneered micro-dosing to enhance creativity and focus in the workplace. But, we would suggest trying it in the comfort of your own home to start. The last thing you want is to have taken a little bit too much on a day you are set to lead a conference call. Of course, you should also check your office policies… not everywhere is as cannabis friendly as Silicon Valley.

  1. Get consistent product-

With legalization and increased regulations, the realm of edibles is improving in its consistency and dosing but not all edibles are the same. Dixie Brands is an industry leader, triple-checking dosages and consistency for safe and predictable effects every time. A great starting point is our line of mints with dosages as little as 2mg, ideal for micro-dosing.

  1. Liquids and edibles are digested differently-

Many have found edibles and liquids (like our elixirs and tinctures) to be the easiest way to get an accurate dosing- but know they can vary in their onset time and duration of the effects. Both consumption methods can take anywhere from 30 minutes to hours before one start to feel the effects- so it’s generally a BAD IDEA to consume more before feeling the initial effects. HERE is a link to more education on THC delivery systems.

  1. Try a mix of CBD and THC

The addition of CBD (another cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, known for its non-psychoactive medicinal benefits) can improve the micro-dosing experience. A common experience when pairing CBD with THC is “the entourage effect” which means that both substances enhance the positive properties of the other. A prime example is CBD’s aptitude to combat the anxiety sometimes associated with pure THC. Check out our SYNERGY products, centered in a CBD to THC ratio.

Now that you are familiar with the potential benefits of micro-dosing, discover which Dixie products might be right for you on your journey towards living your best life.


Here’s our suggestions to get you started:

SYNERGY Cucumber Melon Mints

SYNERGY Watermelon Gummies

SYNERGY Vanilla Dew Drops




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