In terms of business, she aspires to make her company the number one weddings consultants both in London and Mumbai. This paraben-free natural soap has neem and pure jasmine oil in it; hence the soap helps in soothing the skin and protects from dryness and is a stress releasing soap. I am attached with this types of product reviews blogs, but never seen this kinds of detailed reviews of a product ever. This body milk has a gooey consistency and stays for 1.5-2 hours on my hands after which one needs to reapply! Hello friends how are you? I hope you're fine. We invite “family and friends" to our weddings. Based out of MUMBAI, Mint & Mogra is your one-stop solution for all your decor plans. I am quite an active buyer of Fabindia clothing but this time I thought giving their other products a try, so I got this body milk. Oops! Mint & Mogra. On a recent night, under the lingering fragrance of a champaka tree, two taste-makers sat down to converse about tradition, aesthetics, saris, and, interestingly, entertaining. GLYCERYL CAPRYLATE (AND) GLYCERYL UNDECYLENATE. The dress features a thick hand block printed border in shades of indigo and mint. But again, the smell lingers on your body for a good 1 hour. Everyone loved it. Check out Khadi Pure Green Tea Mint & Jasmine Mogra Body Wash, 210 ml (Pack of 2) reviews, ratings, specifications and more at … It is a very good and detailed review of a product. ( Log Out /  These plants are particularly known for the cooling sensation they impart. Buy Khadi Pure Green Tea Mint & Jasmine Mogra Body Wash, 210 ml (Pack of 2) online at low price in India on It would’ve been a challenge to put together this event if we didn’t have a dedicated team on the day! I love seated formal dinner parties and the production that goes into them. Sizes can be maded on customers order. No other culture uses flower garlands the way we do in India. The dress is lined and has a boat nec We served bisibele bhaath, which is like a one-pot meal. But again, the smell lingers on your body for a good 1 hour. The dress has a round neck with handmade buttons running down the center back. 1800 Mogra Cir NE #208 Palm Bay, FL 32905 (Jul 2011 - Oct 2011) 2718 NE 18th St Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305 (Feb 2011 - Oct 2011) PO Box 60272 Palm Bay, FL 32906 ... Mint Hill, NC 28227 (Sep 2006) 5315 Lynnville Ave Charlotte, NC 28205 (Jun 2004 - Mar 2005) 6001 Providence Rd … An amalgamation of our signature Khari hand block prints in earthy monotones. Click here to read the Mint ePaperMint is now on Telegram. Sagarika Kaimal is the Co-Founder of a Bespoke and Luxury Events company – Mint & Mogra. July 17 at 11:00 AM. All on a working day. I am just an ordinary girl with a conventional life despite the fact that I trust that each person is exceptional in their own specific manners perfectly. metro milan 3 in 1 bx-12 skewers ss .w/h 1/2" 3pcs unit kalakola hair clr #43 dzn. Why not buy strings of tuberose or jasmine instead? Recently, I held two “idea exchange" lunches at home. To be stimulated, to have a good time, at the top of the hierarchy, hopefully to create a memory. The deal was that every guest had to come up with an idea that they wanted to share and present it like a TED talk, except for 3-5 minutes. Join Mint channel in your Telegram and stay updated with the latest business news. ... hem mogra bx-6 plastic lotta (pitcher) bx-96 reshma mehndi 200gm unit. It isn’t long and it will open your eyes. Use this versatile, nourishing massage oil for its sensual scent and regenerative abilities. In case you can’t find any email from our side, please check the spam folder. (that is how I feel) ….to be very honest I expected/anticipated it to stay more than the above-mentioned hours after all it’s a “body milk”. : Blue Nectar Assam Mogra Green Tea Loose leaf with Destress Himalayan Rose (65 gm, 33 cups) : Grocery & Gourmet Food your own Pins on Pinterest Today I am going to write down my thoughts about a “Fabindia body milk – mogra and mint”. Now imagine, those fragrances in your home! The minute I heard this, I decided to copy the idea. mtr avial rte 300 gm bx-20 rasam rice 300g bx-20. It is also known by common names such as garden mint, common mint, lamb mint and mackerel mint etc. 198 likes. It is a familiar lament. Shop white arabian jasmine flowering shrub in pot (l5922) in the shrubs section of Again, one thing that I would like to mention that my hands are like super sensitive and I am prone to get rashes effortlessly but honestly after using this body milk I did not get any rashes which is aaaaaamaazing! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Remove some to bookmark this image. ( Log Out /  Your session has expired, please login again. I would definitely like to try out fabindia`s other variants of body milk. ( Log Out /  So everyone talked and everyone listened. Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee said as much for a story I did for these pages some years ago. Uday mishra | South West Delhi, Delhi, India | Manager at Deloitte | 20 connections | See Uday's complete profile on Linkedin and connect Change ), #fabindia #fabindiabodymilk #fabindiabodymilkmograandmint, fabindia body milk – mogra and mint – My Personalize Views, NaturStudio All-Day-Wear Kohl Kajal [Product Review], Relentless Posting of Marriage Pictures on Social Media and My Personalize Views on Them, THE BODY SHOP INDIA – SHEA BODY BUTTER [PRODUCT REVIEW]. Emmart mused about the meaning of tradition and pointed to dancer Malavika Sarukkai as an artist who had figured out how to stay relevant while maintaining links with her Bharatanatyam tradition. Which begs the question: Is there an Indian way of entertaining? Mint & Mogra, Mumbai, Maharashtra. Today I am going to write down my thoughts about a “Fabindia body milk – mogra and mint”. It has a … In today’s efficient, time-constrained world, we all have taken to “sourcing" the best products and brands to save ourselves time and the trouble of thinking. The ingredients listed on the product are: –. poet and scholar A.K. The FabIndia signature all-white packaging looks classy. The FabIndia Body Milk Mogra and Mint comes in a white bottle. Fragrance: coming to the fragrance, this body milk cases to be a “mogra and mint” fragrant but the main smell that I get out of this is of mogra which is again extremely solid. You have a dry or super dry skin in winter. The leaves are arranged in opposite pairs, from oblong to lanceolate, often downy, and with a serrated margin. Ramanujan characterized modernization as a movement from the context-sensitive to the context-free in all realms. It reeks of hoary tradition and yet, because it is done so little these days, will surprise and delight your guests. My Ans: NO. which I appreciate, at least he is honest that way!). Find the best wedding ideas, flowers, cakes, invitations, decor and more for your wedding day on The Wed Post I believe whatever circumstance life toss at us we ought not quit battling and never lose hope and most importantly......keep smiling!! I think mogra being a strong fragrant have covered the smell of mint by all terms. I truly love the efficient and easy-to-use bottle. Here then, in no particular order, are some thoughts about a modern yet Indian way of entertaining: The “bring-a-friend" party. You will get the same fragrance without the Western impulse to stick them in vases. Most of our apartments have dinky kitchens that don’t lend themselves to shared cooking experiences. Fabindia body milk - mogra and mint. I recomended every person on behalf of me that before buying any product put your eyes at least once in this blog and then decided, you will never disappointed. Go contrarian. Mint can be a beautiful and tasty addition to any garden. They have wide-spreading underground and overground stolons and erect, square, branched stems. You don’t have an exceptionally dry skin, If your skin is just like mine (I did not face any rash issues…so I hope you won`t get them too). Lastly, I don’t know for some unknown reason they did not had a tester for this body milk and I had to buy it on my good faith! I am commerce graduate and I thought to pen down my suppositions about various things, individuals and conditions I come across my daily life. You might be surprised at who they bring. Mint is the name for over a dozen plant species, including peppermint and spearmint, that belong to the genus Mentha.. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Suggestions are always welcome. Why bother? An uplifting blend of green tea extract and mint and the exotic fragrance of pure mogra and jasmine extracts promotes relaxation and skin rejuvenation Benefits. So, subsequent to utilizing it for over a month now I can suggest you can go for it if: - You don’t have an exceptionally dry skin, You like the smell of mogra, You cherish Fabindia items! ( Log Out /  What’s more, it had been right there in front of my eyes the whole time. Held at the Cinnamon boutique in Bengaluru, and moderated by Malika Verma Kashyap, founder of textile consultancy Border&Fall, the conversation between fashion designer Sanjay Garg and Sunitha Kumar Emmart, owner of GallerySke, was illuminating in more ways than one. Copyright © HT Digital Streams Limited All rights reserved. When Indians of the previous generation wanted to show their love, they handmade something for the guest. Shelf life: 36 months from date of manufacture. This is the very first time I penning down my musings through blog so yes, I am truly apprehensive! Discover (and save!) Like an ice-cream counter, have them choose flavours (and make sure that there are basic versions for those who don’t like paan, like a chocolate wrap), and hand-feed them by popping it into their mouths. Log in to our website to save your bookmarks. View All Posts. But a version of this Indian habit of hand-feeding can happen. In this blog, I will be doing a product review that I did not find while googling so I thought why not to start with this very product. Imagine you are taking a stroll in an herb garden and you catch a whiff of mint, a waft of mogra or your hand lightly brushes against lavender or rosemary bushes and your senses are filled with delightful and calming aromas. The embroidery is in shades of pink and gold on mint and blue and gold on fuchsia. It'll just take a moment. The Mogra soap is made from Pure Jasmine Flowers. Like Subodh Gupta made our stacked utensils into fine art, it took a Garg to elevate the humble banana leaf into table decoration. My humble request to all my readers please feel free to come out with any suggestions or opinions that’s in your mind. People took their plates, sat in a circle, talked and listened. Sticking a name card into the dough ball mixes formality with casualness, something we do very well. Diameter: 2.9 inches, Height: 3.4 inches. Name: Mint (Pudina) Spearmint Size : 4 to 10 inch Medium : Potting mix Pot : 4 inch plastic pot Why not roll a paan for your guests as they depart? Why not provide a calming white counterpoint to the colour and chaos outside with all-white table decor, using Kerala kasavu saris as tablecloth and party attire? For this reason, said Garg, he eschewed flowers in vases at his dinner parties, preferring instead to put coils of mogra in a banana leaf at every table setting. You will have to teach yourself a new skill. So, subsequent to utilizing it for over a month now I can suggest you can go for it if: -, But you should not go for it (in my opinion) if: -. If you haven’t read this essay, please do. Garlanding guests as they come in reeks of weddings or five-star hotels, but if there is a fun, modern tongue-in-cheek way you could do this, it would be cool and Indian. Garg, she said, drew from tradition when he entertained. The bottle has a golden thick rim and a pump dispenser, with a transparent cap. Entertaining is an act of love, a way to break the monotony of life. Mumbai Area, India Mint & Mogra is a luxury decor company catering to bespoke decor requirements. Brand Manager Irasva Mar 2016 - Present 4 years 11 months. Mogra ( Arabian Jasmine ), commonly known as "Bela" in Bengali belongs to the Jasmine family and is quite extensively used in offering Puja in every Bengali household. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. How to put name tags on my eight-seater dinner table vexed me until I thought of using a a rolled ball of atta (flour dough). But going that extra mile to root your parties in the Indian “context", as Ramanujan calls it, not only makes them memorable, it also—I am convinced—feeds your soul and spirit. Why do we go to parties? This boho swing dress is crafted from 100% cotton fabric printed with floral motifs in pastel mint blue. View the latest photos, check prices & contact Mint & Mogra. Cut in a circular style, it has a beautiful flare that allows it to hang loosely on the body. P.S – Please leave your comments, feedback about how you liked my blog. Lockdown Home Weddings ~ Indian weddings are not complete without a... floral set up and team M&M went all out to make sure fresh flowers were delivered early morning on the day despite the lockdown. It releases a calming effect on one’s mind. Intoxicating, rich and sensual, its ancient smell of the calm and cool beauty of the night makes it true to its name - a gift from God.Details: 1 scented soy candle in a clear glass container. It is a stunning and subtle observation about how each of us, in our attempt to be a modern global citizen of the world, is shearing off the roots that bind us to our very specific regional culture and accompanying traditions. Flowers not only bloom in garden, they also bloom in our lives and in function and parties. Take these chic Chanderi separates in straight fit silhouettes, with breathable skirts, pants which celebrates the bold side of you To stand around holding drinks, smiling and talking about the traffic, is the most inane of exchanges. mint 300gm bx-12 mtr alu methi rte 300 gm bx-20 rajma rice 300g bx-20. I am huge lover of different kind of flowers & plant. Today I am going to share with you a body milk from their paraben and sulfate free range in the fragrance mogra and mint. DIHEPTYL SUCCINATE (AND) CAPRYLOYL GLYCERIN. … Garg, like Mukherjee, admires people who have a strong sense of identity and embrace their Indian heritage and culture, without seeking validation from Western, or indeed any, brands. This review will help many people who are willing to buy this product but get confused that it will be suitable for their skin or not. India is a land of colours but riotous marigold garlands draped on dining tables feels a bit old. And yet, we all stick Oriental lilies and tuberoses in vases at our homes. Mogra flowers are wrapped in banana leaves and sold all over the south. Mint has green stems and green leaves with strong sweetish odour and pungent cooling test. Is there a way to be modern in today’s India without being Western? In his iconic essay, “Is There An Indian Way Of Thinking?" This also works with golgappas. Jun 16, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Amelia Baker. I find that polite conversation gets boring really fast. You are now subscribed to our newsletters. The bottle has a golden thick rim and a pump dispenser, with a transparent cap Mar 21, 2019 - The tunic is made of georgette with taffeta lining.The length of the tunic is 60" . Fabindia body milk – mogra and mint (product review) Leaf colors range from dark green and gray-green to purple, blue, and sometimes pale yellow. Mar 23, 2018 - The FabIndia Body Milk Mogra and Mint comes in a white bottle. Bespoke Decor & Events This pencil dress is crafted from sequin and thread embroidered art silk and is available in 2 colours - mint green & fuchsia pink. Looks like you have exceeded the limit to bookmark the image. Mint & Mogra Aug 2018 - Present 2 years 6 months. I generally do a lot of googling before buying any product (as I have to spend my pocket money for buying these stuffs!) yet for this one I googled after I came home with it, however could not find any such reviews on this product. Now, cooking while your guests are around only works if you have one of those Western-style open kitchens. I think mogra being a strong fragrant have covered the smell of mint by all terms. From Kerala 'kasavu' saris as tablecloths to 'mogras' in banana- leaf cones as centrepiecesis there an Indian way of entertaining? Mogra flowers are wrapped in banana leaves and sold all over the south. Namaste Spiceland has those products in spades, including a pleasant mogra (jasmine) incense and the popular Chandrika Ayurvedic soap, which is known for treating acne. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. You don’t like strong smell or not enamored with mogra fragrant, All you want a good product to moisturize your very dry skin. It was stunning in its simplicity and beauty. As a designer bred in London with Indian roots, her main goal is to successfully incorporate western aesthetics with Indian heritage. One fortunate thing about Fabindia products are that they claim their products does not contain any parabens or sulphates (despite the fact that the retailer told me that their products contains 1% paraben needed to give it a shelf life…. Hand-feeding your guests is sexy and Indian. It comes in a 200ml pump packaged bottle and retails for Rs.395 (inclusive of all taxes), accessible for mostly all or at all Fabindia showrooms. Presently when its winter, my skin gets truly dry and my knuckles gets super dry (might be because I have a propensity for utilizing hand wash intermittently). All product details are written on the bottle. It was like a Bengali adda with a brown bag lunch. Grow fresh mint in a backyard garden or an herb garden to easily add to food and drink recipes. Garg said that many of his impulses arose from “anger" at the way Indians were mindlessly aping the West in their search for style. The Indian idea of hospitality is vast and encompassing. Washingtonia robusta, the Mexican fan palm or Mexican washingtonia, is a palm tree native to western Sonora and Baja California Sur in northwestern Mexico.It is reportedly naturalized in Florida, California, Hawaii, Texas, parts of the Canary Islands, Italy, Lebanon, Spain, and Réunion. Since I love stationery, I love name tags on the dinner table too. Made by Niana. It comes in a 200ml pump packaged bottle and retails for Rs.395 (inclusive of all taxes), accessible for mostly all or at all Fabindia showrooms. Given our small apartments, a modern way to adapt this idea is to call a few friends home for a meal and ask that they each bring a friend.

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