Now, why do I ship it? Think you can recognise ALL the characters? Have you ever wondered what Steven Universe ship you are? Later, in the episode "Beta", it is seen Lapis has opened up to Peridot, her quirks, and her interests, and they seem to be on very good terms. Well, you read the title! I believe Peridot had always been fond of Lapis, even back when they first met when Peridot was her interrogator. --uhh you will be curator the moment you put a project here?? Love you guys, and good night!. Well, I believe that Lapidot does the "identifying" thing much better, considering Lapis and Peridot's situations to be more identical than Lapis and Pearl's. Pearl could teach Peridot the importance of emotions and help her mature mentally in ways no one else could. :relieved: The Shipping Of Steven Universe And Peridot. Image by Steven Universe | Cartoon Network Studios | Netflix. Soon, their relationship would become strained due to everyone's misunderstanding at the Pink Diamond Moon Base, and Amethyst seemed to be the most upset about the whole thing besides Steven. Will accept any ship, even crack one's. I'm really hoping to see more of Amedot in the future, and even though I know it won't be canon, we shippers are famous for dreaming, aren't we? Jasper x Peridot (Jaspidot): As Peridot is the most relatable character on Steven Universe, you ship this as a self-insert for wanting to smooch Jasper. OH I AM SO GONNA GET HUNTED DOWN FOR THIS. See a recent post on Tumblr from @justjump122 about steven-universe-ships. Their next main episode is in "Too Short To Ride", where Amethyst volunteers with Steven to help Peridot unlock her shape shifting ability. This is such a fairy tale! Just want to tell y'all my opinions on Steven universe ships! manager only goes to crystal clods and people who put at least 30 projects in here? I actually believe that to be a solid theory, so this is why I put this here. White's Warship looks like a huge white colored torso and head. {Also, if you have a FC that has an official character as a couple, that will be allowed, as long as that character isn't depicted as instantly falling in love with the official character. Required. Definitely a noteworthy ship. But after realizing Steven's reasoning for trusting Peridot, she decides to let things go and saves Peridot from the Roaming Eye Tracking Vessel. However, since "On the Run", they have both earned an understanding of each other. Adam, 24, he/him. It was formerly owned by Pink Diamond but is now in possession of her son, Steven Universe. / also you can comment down what ships you guys want to hear my opinion / SU ship book. :grimacing: I know there is a reputation for Stevidot. PHEW! I like how Amethyst seems to be protective of Pearl (I got this through subtext) and Pearl gets all giddy when Amethyst improves in gem skills and in maturity. Steven universe is a TV show on Cartoon network with a vibrant cast of exciting and interesting characters. Now, I'm not going to get into why that accusation is flat out STUPID, no. My opinion on ships in SU. A lot of you may be thinking, "If her reasoning for liking Lapidot is similar to her Lapearl reasoning, why is Lapidot higher?" "Crimson Carbide"- aka Connor Universe, aka nebulous time clone/son of Steven Universe, the Asteria Diamond himself- just wants his first mission to go well. 57 Comments. This is placed higher then Jaspis because unlike that ship, Jasper and Peridot have some ACTUAL opinions towards each other. That makes for EXCELLENT shipping fuel, and I also enjoy the fact that they disagree a crazy amount of the time, always bickering, and I find that cute to be honest. For instance: HOWEVER, I only use this head canon reality MERELY to ship Stevidot, nothing else. The Shipping Of Jasper And Lapis Lazuli. Abilities. 1. Discover more posts about steven-universe-ships. right now, because earlier, I bashed on Jasper and Lapis for having no opinion of each other, and here I am, placing Lapearl higher than it when Lapis and Pearl have had even LESS interaction than Jasper and Lapis. Stevee— the ship between Steven Universe and Pe… Honestly I'm just here to draw the space rocks and their half-human son 99% of the time. Amethyst still views Pearl as cool and supports her in her efforts to become more sociable with humans, and Pearl supports Amethyst in her efforts to become stronger. When Peridot returns in "Catch and Release", Pearl is just as bitter at Peridot as everyone else. Each character is quite different in size and shape which minifigures cannot do justice to, so I designed some brick-built posable models for the Crystal Gems, as well as a couple of gem monsters so you can enjoy defending the Earth. Instead, lemme just talk about why I like Lapidot for my own reasons. But, Jasper also was highly confused when she learned that Peridot joined forces with the Crystal Gems, asking why over and over again. Just a cool little thing for you all! In "Jail Break", Amethyst tied Peri up to keep her from attacking the others, but Peridot ended up escaping to Earth. So far, I'm trying to make all the corridors and rooms seen on the show, but i'm still trying to keep the hand shape within reason. Remember MY opinion. Ruby and Sapphire is the type of couple you would see as soul mates, and they fact that they each have up their lives on Homeworld to stay with each other not only brings warmth to our hearts, but a beautiful message of sacrifice. Steven loves Connie for her intelligence, possibly her beauty, and (in theory) how accepting she is of him and how willing she is to stand by him. (pizzalover1256 was my inspiration for this story btw) The Gems find Peridot at the Galaxy Warp. 328 Pages. Remember, this is my own personal opinion which I am entitled to, please respect as I would respect yours, and other overly said lines :ok_hand: but still, it is true! In that same episode, Amethyst cheers on Pearl when she and Peridot battle. Do you ship or rip these cartoon OTPs? In "Keeping It Together", Amethyst aided in trying to help Pearl capture Peridot, but failed. Well, my best friend brought it out to me that she thought Peridot liked Pearl because Peridot has the personality of a child, and like most children do, she picked on Pearl harshly to hide her feelings. Since both of them are so different, they balance each other out perfectly. They have decided to spend the rest of their immoralities fused together as Garnet, and to love each other for all eternity. Now, back to Lapearl. We already know these two, like, LOVE each other, it even says so on their wiki pages :joy: . Either way, together, Lapis and Peridot could make for an amazing couple, and the Crewniverse doesn't need to make Lapidot canon for us to see that. Take the quiz and find out! Note: On some entries, I may, if I feel needed, add the history of the two people in the ship, and sometimes I won't. My Top 10 Steven Universe Ships, counting down from 10: Originally, I liked this ship a lot better after "Alone At Sea". My Top 10 Steven Universe Ships, counting down from 10: Number 10: JASPIS. This is a page for all the canon and non-canon ships in the Steven Universe series and in certain Steven Universe fanon series. "Growing Pains" Steven gets a flashback to him being held prisoner in the Warship. But over time, I really started to see the appeal of this ship. It is constantly rivaled with the likes of Amedot (Amethyst x Peridot) and one of Steven Universe's very own storyboard artists was harassed by Lapidot fans, accusing her of "queer baiting" (meaning to tease at a queer ship that is most likely not going to happen). I can see Pearl and Lapis identifying with the fact that they both have been used as tools--Pearl being used as a slave and a status symbol, and Lapis being used as, basically, a gem history textbook while being trapped in that mirror, and for a nonsensical fusion with Jasper. However, in "Catch And Release", Peridot loses her limb enhancers thanks to Amethyst and Peri now lives with the gems. Includes: Miraculous Ladybug, Tangled the Series, Danny Phantom, Ducktales 2017, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Star vs the Forces of Evil, OK K.O. They both grow to understand each other and vow to protect the other at all costs, and decide to join the Crystal Gems as Garnet to watch after the planet in which they fell in love in and can be themselves in. Register Start a Wiki. Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. Now if this isn't the most adorable pre-teen love story there ever was, I don't know what is :joy: Considering they're each others' love interests, they're bound to get together in the end, but even so, FINGERS CROSSED :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :smile: Well, this isn't TECHNICALLY a ship, considering it's already canon, but I'm putting it anyway :smirk: Ruby and Sapphire--the power couple of Steven Universe. Steven Universe… 206 Favourites. A page for describing Recap: Steven Universe S2E18 "Friend Ship". Check out Steven Universe - Gem Hand Ship. However, after Pearl LEFT HOOKS PERI IN DA FACE (lol I'm sorry) and Steven sticks up for Pearl, Peridot begins to realize that Pearl is worth more than what she originally thought and reconciled with her. The capture of this data is required for us to fulfill our contractual obligation. Like I said, I like Lapearl for the potential it could have. Although it does bring a fantastic character dynamic to the table, it still goes dead last on my list. Finally, in "Back to the Barn", their relationship hits its climax when Peridot deems Pearl as "just a Pearl" and belittles her repeatedly. 1.9K 169 156. When they finally reconcile, we take notice that Peridot has become familiar with Lapis' "triggers", like the mention of Jasper and giving Lapis the thought of being a prisoner. Don't like don't read. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Summary: Oneshot Requested from someone on my Discord Server Please leave a comment, it helps motivation us to do more stuff like this. :blush: I bet you all are yelling "HYPOCRITE!" They both look at each other, wide eyed, and in a daze, especially Peridot. :kissing: Pearl and Peridot, in the show, are seen as somewhat rivals and work partners (at least that's my point of view on it). 7K Views. In order to provide basic shopping cart functionality, there are a few pieces of data that we need to capture. Like the rest of the gems, Amethyst first saw Peridot in "Warp Tour" and both of them officially met in "Marble Madness" when the CGs attacked Peridot's technology. The turning point in their relationship is in the following episode, "Too Far", when Amethyst takes a liking to Peridot for her weird personality quirks. But I found the pairing of Stevidot so cute I had to create an alternate universe just to ship them. The capture of this data is required for us to fulfill our contractual obligation. dont hate me! In "Friend Ship", it seems Pearl had harbored an inner hatred for Peridot, which I believe is because Pearl thought Peridot was the cause of her and Garnet's then strained relationship. Perhaps they both will find comfort in confiding in one another, and uncover a side to each other previously unseen. That was a lot of writing! The Steven Universe fandom's first ever ship (c'mon, don't even ACT like that isn't true :joy: ). Category:Steven Universe Ships | Star vs the Forces of Evil Ships Wikia | Fandom. Join the community. Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon DVD & Blu-ray Releases Release … They also can both identify with each other as being "defective"; Pearl is figuratively defective (as far as we know) and Amethyst is literally defective. only steven universe ships? I think all of you saw this coming :joy: I mean, even if I didn't have it on the list, I definitely would've put it in the honorable mentions. Larsbuck— the ship between Lars Barriga and Buck Dewey 3. This was my top 10 list of favorite Steven Universe ships, and if you love any of the ships I do, please like this blog post! These are the various canon and fanon ships in Steven Universe. Pink Diamond 's Ship. It is seen in the next few episodes that they are on good terms until "It Could've Been Great", when Peridot insults Rose Quartz, and their relationship is strained until the gems realize she isn't going bad again and accept her as a Crystal Gem when she stands up to Yellow Diamond. It is supposedly controlled by the user moving their head and body, but it is currently unknown exactly how the ship is piloted. These are my top 10 Steven Universe ships! Later, Peridot officially apologizes to Amethyst via tape recorder, and when Amethyst accepts it, it makes Peridot feel "big". {No using ships that include pedophilia. Pink Diamond's ship is a massive pink spaceship shaped like a pair of legs. Well, now you can! 1/10. giant pinkdiamond fanart giantlegs space giantessgirl steven_universe stevenuniverse stevenuniversefanart stevenuniversepearl steven_universe_pearl pink_diamond pinkdiamondstevenuniverse pink_diamond_steven_universe. I know it's pretty infamous in the fandom, and I know that since gems have adult mindsets, it's technically pedophilia. I know that it is the most popular "Steven x Gem" ship. When Peridot decrees she literally doesn't have the gem powers the CGs do, Amethyst openly gets "really real with [her]" and let's her know she likes Peridot for who she IS, not who she COULD BE. At first, I merely saw Pearl and Amethyst as sort of like siblings, nothing more. Steven Universe is arguably one of the best shows on Cartoon Network right now. Peridot becomes very weary and anxious when Amethyst doesn't notice her trying to talk to her, and it soon affects their work when Peridot accidentally activates the drill when she isn't there. It’s one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3D experiences created on Roblox. This shows that Peridot deeply cares for Lapis and her well-being, and wants to get closer to her. Steven Universe/Lapis Lazuli/Peridot (Steven Universe) Characters: Lapis Lazuli (Steven Universe) Steven Universe; Peridot (Steven Universe) ... Shooting_Star_Ships. BUT, I like this ship for its POTENTIAL, not what it is as of late. This reality doesn't apply to any of my other ships. Some may say Jasper and Lapis also have potential, but c'mon...Jasper is corrupted and there is no room for development. I have been getting some asks about it and I apologize it took so long, I still don’t have it worke... Diamond gems. Who remembers when Steven found out Garnet was a fusion and was lucky enough to hear the song "Stronger Than You" all in one episode? Anyways, onto Amedot history. Check out more behind the scenes drawings here: On instagram: ”, Some more stuff from the crystal authority au! Into Steven Universe? uhhh (whispers to lapis, lapis help me out here!) :wink: The Shipping Of Connie Mahaswaran and Steven Universe. However, compared to the other ships on this list, I don't feel that strongly about it. A growing and loving Steven Universe community for all fans! Kevamie— the ship between Kevin and Jamie 2. How well do YOU know the Steven Universe universe? This means you are gay. Menu. Now we're onto the main ship of the series and probably the only ship on this list to become canon (excluding Rupphire) :joy: Yeah that's right, I'm talking about Converse! 1,787 Likes, 20 Comments - Steven Universe / Hector | 22 (@sv.multifandom) on Instagram: “Padparadscha + Ruby By: Artifiziell On Tumblr #stevonnie #stevenuniverse #stevenuniverseedit…”, kelseyeng: “ What I imagine Connie’s room would look like :) Some fun fanart for Steven Universe! (Comment what ships I should) Sep 5, 2020 - Explore Ashantii_BlackBird 's board "Steven universe ships" on Pinterest. The Gem Warship was remembered by Steven in a flashback. In MY head canon realm, the gems have differing mindsets. In order to provide basic shopping cart functionality, there are a few pieces of data that we need to capture. Connie loves Steven because of his "magical destiny" and views him as special and someone to be protected, and wants to fight beside him and be there for him. Peridot thinks Jasper is a bossy, loud commander and Jasper views Peridot as a gem to be ordered around and looked down on. Steven Universe: Pinks Ship. See more ideas about steven universe ships, steven universe, steven. This shows Jasper felt somewhat betrayed by Peridot--her own ally had left her and she was all alone. At this point, you can see why I ship this so hard. D&D Beyond The head appears to be shaped like White Diamond's own head.

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