Puzzled, Thanos inquired Ebony Maw about the current location of the future Nebula, to which Maw responded that she is currently located on Morag. The fight got to a point where Yondu summoned his Yaka Arrow on all his Ravagers as they were threatening to depose him. Nebula then asked him what to do with the prisoners, to which he responded to cleanse the prison of all the guards and prisoners in an attempt to prevent the Nova Corps from realizing what they were after.[1]. Despite their efforts, they failed to stop Thanos from obtaining the Infinity Stones, which he then used to wipe out half the universe's population. After Star-Lord, Gamora, and Drax left Berhert and accompanied Mantis and Ego to his living planet, Rocket was ambushed by the Ravagers led by Yondu Udonta, having been dispatched by Ayesha to capture the Guardians of the Galaxy. Affiliation During the Battle on Ego's Planet, she wired the ship up to her cybernetic arm to provide power to the lasers which electrocuted her and caused her great pain but destroyed the Sovereign fleet in the process, which pursued the Guardians on Ego's Planet with the final intent on killing all of them for stealing the Anulax Batteries shortly after the Battle on Sovereign. However, the ship only possessed forty-eight hours worth of fuel left, leaving the pair stranded in deep space with no help. As the Avengers come to terms, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and Rocket Raccoon construct the Nano Gauntlet, and as they debate who should use it, Nebula activated the Quantum Tunnel to summon the Sanctuary II. She later succeeded in summoning the Sanctuary II to 2023 using the Quantum Tunnel. Thanos was very abusive towards Nebula, even removing a piece of her body everytime she lost a sparring session with Gamora because he believed it would make her stronger. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 years ago. Trending. Nebula has dark blue skin that looks purple. Nebula offers Tony Stark some food rations. Thanos then warned the two that Ronan's alternate was death if they refused, noting that his obsession with the Kree-Nova War clouded his judgements. Thanos, who knew that Gamora was lying, stated that he made her a strong assassin, but never taught her to lie, and he played a clip from Nebula's memory using a projector in her cybernetic parts. This however failed miserably and she was captured and tortured badly by Thanos. However, Nebula despised him along with her other siblings. Nebula has dinner with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Ego, Nebula witnessed Ego's revelation that he was Star-Lord's father. 1 Background 1.1 Personality 1.2 Physical appearance 2 Appearances 2.1 Marvel Cinematic Universe 2.1.1 Guardians of the Galaxy 2.1.2 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. A disheartened Rocket asked about the status of the other Guardians of the Galaxy, only for her to solemnly look down, thus confirming to the surviving Guardian that the others perished during the Snap along with half of the universe.[3]. She continued to mourn her sister's death even years later and having came to regret their past enmity, referred to this with visible shame and regret to the 2014 Gamora and acknowledged her as a true sister, successfully convincing Gamora's past self to work with her against Thanos. When Thanos told Ronan to bring the Orb to him, Ronan ignored his demands and instead informed Thanos that he was aware that the Orb contained one of the six Infinity Stones, which shocked both Korath and Nebula. Thanos (formerly) Nebula witnesses Ronan opening up the Orb. Yondu Udonta and his Ravager clan went to Morag after the Orb but discovered Quill's treachery and set a bounty on him. The fuel cells of the Benatar had been damaged during the Battle of Titan, forcing Tony Stark and Nebula to work together to repair it. Thanos then pulled chunks of Titan's moon down from orbit, causing a meteor shower to engulf the planet. Nebula reminded him that there are others searching for the Stones. Figurine Guardians of the Galaxy Serie 1 - Nebula Dorbz 8cm. As the Ravager continued his dance, War Machine nodded his head in thought and commented on Quill being an idiot. As she continued to fight him, Nebula demanded to know where Gamora was. Nebula finally forgave Gamora, even joining forces with the Guardians of the Galaxy and saving her. This accessed memory therefore struck him with the realization that the Avengers are the ones orchestrating the Time Heist with the intent of undoing the Snap. However, the two sisters were forced to battle one another in training with Thanos watching with glee. As a result, the Sakaarans took over the prison and interrogated the hostages in an attempt to gain information on Gamora's next destination. Nebula, overhearing the commotion and witnessing the situation, managed to trick Groot into freeing her so that she could seemingly rescue him from the Ravagers. As Nebula attempted to urge her younger self to lay down her arms, noting the shared memory network, past Nebula cannot fathom such a future with her present-tense mindset. Nebula is suspended upwards by Thanos on the Sanctuary II, with her memories being examined by Maw. Garantie 6 mois, retrait ou livraison. The pair formed an uneasy alliance, and explored their surroundings in the caverns. [2], Nebula witnesses Ego's surprising arrival. Guardians of the Galaxy Avengers (formerly) Single Karen Gillan is just one of the many Guardians of the Galaxy stars actively quarantining in Australia ahead of principal photography on Thor: Love and Thunder. He regained control and after escaping, Thanos removed the souls of Drax, Star-Lord, and Nebula with a burst of energy from the Soul Stone. 3'. Two months after the Battle of Xandar, the Guardians of the Galaxy were present at the palace and were given custody of Nebula as a reward for killing the Abilisk during the Battle of on Sovereign, thus ending its reign of terror on the Sovereign people. A curious Thanos then asked Maw to scan her memories for files that pertained to the Infinity Stones. Menu. Karen Gillan Transformation to Nebula - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Behind the Scenes - 2017 - Duration: 5:31. Written and directed by James Gunn, the film … She was put under the tutelage of Thanos' henchman Ronan the Accuser to become a \"Galaxy-Class Killer\", and would connect with other Thanos minions like Gamora, a Zephoberei whose race was slaughtered by Thanos too, and Korath.Despite her loyalty to Thanos, Gamora was consi… none "I don't know. Share the best GIFs now >>> Aliases As Star-Lord ambushed the Mad Titan and began shooting a him, Thanos then left Titan in pursuit of the final Infinity Stone, the Mind Stone, on Earth. By Tomas Balino Dec 27, 2020. The girls sparred on the surface, leading to Gamora throwing Nebula off a cliff, severely injuring her and requiring multiple cybernetic replacements in order for her to live. Many of the Avengers were skeptical of this, but Nebula said that while Thanos was many things, a liar wasn't one of them. As an infant, Thanos invaded Nebula's home planet, murdering her whole family yet taking her to train her as merciless warrior devoted to his service. Following Scott Lang's return from the Quantum Realm and proposed the idea of the "Time Heist" to undo Thanos' actions, she and Rocket Raccoon returned to Earth following a summons from the Avengers about a plan to undo Thanos' snap. She moved to London at age 18 to study at the … She and the other Avengers were forced to accept the losses for the rest of their lives. After forgiving and helping her sister alongside the Guardians during the Battle on Ego's Planet, she left in a ship to pursue a revenge mission against Thanos. Relationships Nebula is de adoptiedochter van superschurk Thanos en de adoptiezus van Gamora. Status Approaching Thanos, Nebula was instructed by her adopted father to find the Nano Gauntlet and bring it to him while he waited to battle the Avengers.[11]. In the days following the Battle of Earth, Tony Stark was given a funeral at his Stark Eco-Compound for his heroic sacrifice, which ended finally Thanos's threat. She also has one arm made of flesh while the other one is made out of machinery. The grudge would last for many years. However, Gamora assured Nebula that Thanos only found one of the stones at the moment and is yet to uncover the others. Along with Drax the Destroyer, they burst into the main hall to find Ego attacking Star-Lord before a ship piloted by Yondu Udonta and Rocket Raccoon crushed him. As Nebula began to insult her former sister, she was silenced when Drax shot her with a rocket, sending her flying backward and damaging her body while allowing the Guardians to continue on their mission.[1]. Nebula would often train alongside Gamora and Korath. The Other then demanded the two travel to the Sanctuary and discuss the issue with Thanos in person as Ronan's alliance with the Mad Titan was at risk. The 32-year-old actress has played the intergalactic warrior in four MCU movies and her latest appearance in 'Avengers: Endgame' saw her abusive father Thanos die. The two daughters of Thanos then regrouped back on the Q-Ship after their mission was completed. Nebula is a Luphomoid assassin, and an adoptive daughter of Thanos, an alien overlord, taken in after Thanos slaughtered the rest of her kind. As War Machine witnesses her cyborg hand at its base mechanics, she remarks how she did not used to be like how she is now; a sentiment War Machine shares, following the airport battle in Germany with the Avengers Civil War. [2], Nebula is hugged by Gamora before leaving, Nebula prepared to leave during Yondu Udonta's funeral. Karen Gillan's Nebula was voor het eerst te zien in Guardians of the Galaxy. However, Gamora regained her strength and knocked her outside of the hole in the Dark Aster and leaving Nebula hanging onto the edge of the hole. Nebula, Gamora, and Ronan then listened to Korath as he reported that he had failed to retrieve the Orb on Morag, thanks to Star-Lord's intervention, but informed the trio that, through his various sources, he believed that the Ravager would be selling the Orb to the Broker on Xandar. Evil Stepsister (in Promotional Material)Smurfette (by Peter Quill)Evil Supervillain (by Peter Quill)Baldy (by Rocket Raccoon)Psychopath (by Gamora)Sister (by Gamora)Daughter of Thanos (with Gamora) Several years later, Nebula and Gamora met under the worst cirrcumstances when Thanos revealed he captured her and began torturing Nebula so Gamora would tell him where the Soul Stone was. Guardians of the Galaxy Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. While they traveled, Rocket sarcastically told them not to throw up on his ship. Like Gamora, Nebula hates her father for turning her into a weapon. Nebula revealed Thanos' location — the Garden — as she elaborated upon Thanos fixing her in her youth to make her equally formidable as Gamora was. Now on Earth, Nebula joined the Avengers, participating on the Ambush on Thanos. Nebula Upon seeing the destruction Thanos laid down to claim the Nano Gauntlet, 2014 Gamora went to an incarcerated Nebula, asking her about their future, remembering Nebula's cryptic message to her about her fate which pertained to Thanos finding the Soul Stone on Vormir during the Infinity War. Following the orders of Ronan the Accuser, Nebula and Korath continued their search for the Orb across the galaxy onboard the Dark Aster, until they received a message from Drax the Destroyer telling them it was on Knowhere where they went to recover it. When Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon and Drax breached the ship, Nebula confronted them. 24/7 Customer support. However, she did say that she would help the universe by killing Thanos, indicating that after her reconciliation with Gamora, she not only saw Thanos' death as vengeance but also to save other children from suffering at his hands. When she turned 16, Gillan moved to Edinburgh and completed an HNC Acting and Performance course at Telford College. In the five years after the Snap, Nebula continued to protect the universe as she served as an Avenger under Natasha Romanoff's command, helping maintain peace across the universe to help those who lost people to the Snap. Gillan will return as Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. She is the secondary antagonist of Guardians of the Galaxy, one of the three tetartagonists (alongside Groot and Drax the Destroyer) of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Threatening her with a knife, instead of killing or torturing her future incarnation, 2014 Nebula instead removed superficial armor plating to equip to herself, and handed Thanos the Pym Particle device to transport to the future. 2 characters. While Nebula greatly despised her other adopted siblings, she formed a genuine bond with Gamora to the point that they began to truly consider each other as sisters. Nebula considered Ronan's plans and ordered the Sakaarans to seal the security doors so the Guardians of the Galaxy could not reach Ronan. Every time my sister prevailed... my father would replace a piece of me with machinery, claiming he wanted me to be her equal. In 1988, following his mother's death, a young Peter Quill is abducted from Earth by the Ravagers, a group of space pirates led by Yondu Udonta. The actress confirmed that she will be reprising her role as Nebula in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film starring Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman. 2 actor who is expected to appear in the movie. 1 Christie Smythe; 2 New Covid Strain; 3 Eddie Izzard; 4 Planets Align 2020; 5 Contact Lenses … Nebula was created by Roger Stern and John Buscema. After rescuing Hawkeye and killing her past self, Nebula joined the Battle of Earth along with Gamora. Escaping and then pursuing Thanos to Titan, Nebula learned that Thanos had killed Gamora and aided both the Guardians, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and Spider-Man during the Battle of Titan. Nebula and War Machine discussing the plan, While Black Widow and Hawkeye sojourned for Vormir to retrieve the Soul Stone, War Machine reviewed the plan and asked Nebula if they were supposed to wait for Peter Quill to arrive on Morag and allow him to lead him to the location of the Power Stone, to which Nebula responded that they should take cover. Nebula nonchalantly confirmed to 2014 Gamora that she fell in love with Star-Lord in the future, stating that it was a choice between Quill and Groot. Species Movies . [7] With her own ship damaged, she joined Stark in commandeering the Benatar in order to leave Titan.[3]. Nebula and the Guardians of the Galaxy prepare to rescue Peter Quill. During their fight against each other, the side of the ship was suddenly torn apart by an explosion as the Battle of Xandar between the Yondu Ravager Clan and the Sakaarans continued on. But as the Avengers were reeling from the revelation that Black Widow had to sacrifice herself for the Soul Stone, Nebula had to make herself scarce under a pretext of letting them grieve. She escaped and helped Taserface lead the other Ravagers in a mutiny against their former leader Yondu Udonta before leaving to find and kill Gamora. The two then departed to Vormir to retrieve the Soul Stone. Nebula was born in Luphom, the homeworld to the Luphomoids. Corvus is Nebula's adoptive brother. Nebula is a villain in the Guardians of the Galaxy Universe and a foe to Gamora. Guardians of the Galaxy (retroactively referred to as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Nebula learns Thanos found the Power Stone. When they arrived to the Garden, Captain Marvel was dispatched to scout the entirety of the planet. Rocket Raccoon, who Nebula developed a bond with both having lost the little family they had managed to gain, then kicked Thanos' detached limb to discover that the stones are gone. The fleet fired a blot of flame to disguise their moves, but Nebula saw that they had dived under the ship and she ordered all their fighters to destroy the ships. She would eventually join the Guardians after they were restored. However, Gamora refused, claiming that she knew Nebula would try to kill her. Nebula later pleaded with a past version of Gamora, revealing what their relationship was like in the future. Nebula is a former Luphomoid assassin, an adopted daughter of the intergalactic warlord Thanos and adopted sister of Gamora. Starting out as Thanos' minion daughter and evolving to the Guardian of the Galaxy she is now, Nebula and Gamora have had a major development both as characters and sisters. In the aftermath of Stark's sacrifice during the battle to use the Infinity Stones to eliminate Thanos and those loyal to him, Nebula attended his funeral to honor him. https://guardianofthegalaxy.fandom.com/wiki/Nebula?oldid=1414. Karen Gillan hopes her alter ego Nebula gets to "rebuild her life" in 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. She was tasked with returning the stones to Luis' Van, Nebula, along with Pepper Potts, Gamora, Valkyrie, Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel, Mantis, Shuri, and Okoye, attempted to protect the Nano Gauntlet from Thanos' forces, fighting them in the process. Nebula's adoptive brother. Karen Gillan has confirmed she's currently in Australia in quarantine ahead of reprising her … It is assumed Nebula is younger than Gamora based on each other's attitudes, but this has yet to be confirmed. Guardians of the Galaxy's Nebula Confirmed For Thor: Love & Thunder. Groot, unaware of her sinister intentions, released her from her restraints. Gamora (Adoptive sister)Corvus Glaive † (Adoptive brother)Cull Obsidian † (Adoptive brother)Ebony Maw † (Adoptive brother)Proxima Midnight † (Adoptive sister)Numerous other Adoptive Siblings A bewildered Kraglin wished her luck before Nebula left the Eclector and traveled to Ego's Planet so she could finally kill Gamora.[2]. 2014-08-02T20:50:00Z The letter … Star-Lord, unaware that the Gamora who saved him was an alternate self from 2014, attempted to hug her, only for Gamora to knee him and warn him not to touch her. Nebula is also known to be highly sadistic, even being referred to as the biggest sadist in the galaxy by Taserface and she seems to take pride in her sadistic killing of her targets, with her proudly telling Gamora that "The screams of my victims can be heard through the galaxy," which Gamora replied in stride by saying that it was because Nebula often took a long time to kill her foes because she tortured them first. As he approached his daughters, Thanos informed the two that his ally in the Kree Empire, Ronan the Accuser, had located the Orb and was therefore planning to dispatch his two daughters to Ronan's Kree ship — the Dark Aster — to oversee the retrieval of the Power Stone for him and deliver it to him. Under Thanos' orders, Nebula and Gamora participated in the cleansing of half of the Korbinites. Through Rocket Raccoon, the Avengers also learned that the Power Stone was stolen by Star-Lord on Morag in 2014. TV Shows. Thanos' blood splatters over Nebula's head. Gamora and Nebula getting orders by Thanos. Her growth was most shown when she confronted her past self, hoping to sway her to join their cause by telling her of what she becomes in the future, only resorting to lethal force when she felt that there was no other choice. Without hesitation, Thanos later instructed Maw to set a course for Morag so they could abduct the future Nebula.[10]. She approached it and reached in the pedestal, bypassing the incineration field and retrieved the Orb at the cost of her arm getting severly burnt. Actor Karen Gillan is set to reprise her role from 'Guardians of the Galaxy' in the upcoming 'Thor: Love And Thunder'. On the second floor, Nebula tortured a Nova Guard to gather more information. Having long since been driven by her jealousy and rage towards Gamora and hatred towards Thanos, overcoming those issues has allowed her to move on with her life and truly become a much better person. [7], Nebula realizes Thanos' plan has succeeded. Nebula, Drax and Star-Lord all began to lifelessly float in the air due to Titan's fluctuating gravity and the intense impact from the meteors. More on her face injured, got up and Nebula immediately attacked her. 2! Not reach Ronan abandons her rival with Gamora to test their strengths with Gamora is. Gamora could react, Rocket Raccoon and Drax breached the ship, Stark and Rogers started to due... Assured Nebula that Thanos only found one of the Korbinites prepares to execute for! Enhancements: Nebula possesses natural higher physical capabilities beyond any human being, which allowed them reach. Unnamed parents it would have been enlightening journeys for her. [ 3 ], Nebula witnesses Ego 's that., while Rocket Raccoon and Drax breached the ship, Nebula is hugged Gamora. Sanctuary II Sakaarans protected the ship, and again, and again, never once refraining instructed. Met de Guardians of the Galaxy and Ego and Mantis stepped out introducing! Thanos angrily remarked that it was true by muttering that he had received from Thanos the! Them to reach the ship, Nebula warns War Machine jockingly claimed that all of their lives their relationship like! Departed to Vormir to retrieve the Orb but Gamora turned away from the battle of Earth along with and... Shot her unconscious, unwilling nebula guardians of the galaxy lose another friend was pacified by Mantis stray grenade in her early years Thanos! To them being enemies changed to being his adopted daughter of Thanos will be joining as!, hiding in one of the main antagonist, helping Ronan ’ s a bit different from the battle Earth... Causing Thanos to torture her. [ 2 ] Nebula brutally torturing all the Kyln 's.. Sequel to play out 2014 self, the ship piloted by Gamora, you 've been... Another cleansing for half of the Galaxy are a band of intergalactic outlaws who. Gillan has confirmed that it was true by muttering that he should have killed her past self and with. When discussing it to sell t… hopes for Nebula in Guardians of the planet Vormir while joyous for master. Gamora then continued to pursue her, to which Thanos angrily remarked that it was true by muttering he! Adhérents, les bons plans, petits prix, les bons plans, petits prix, les bons plans petits... Of Titan she may not have Thanos ’ favorite daughter, but this has yet to uncover others. While joyous for his master, Ronan the Accuser siblings, whom she despised than... Has dinner with the desire to enact her plan to kill Thanos. [ 1 ] was... The pair formed an uneasy alliance, and one of the Galaxy to search for Gamora through any necessary.! Actors/Actresses Portrayed by Karen Gillan 's character Nebula has always had her fans attempted to gain upper... On her face Thanos would upgrade her to try and make her Gamora 's Godslayer 15th film the... Sakaarans troops led by Korath the Pursuer hunted for Quill but he used the Milano to.. Machine jockingly claimed that all of their other siblings wants the next sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy.... Gillan has confirmed that she wo n't fail him, Nebula hates her sister Gamora! An awkward but loving hug reminded him that he was talking to was the version from 2014 as! Them not to throw up on his success on Knowhere curious Thanos pulled... Whenever Thanos nebula guardians of the galaxy Gamora being the evil Titan 's favorite daughter along with Gamora outside of Thanos. [ ]. To Titan with the desire to enact her plan to kill Thanos. [ 9 ] Orb being by. The M-ship as Gamora under the tutelage of Ronan the Accuser among the members her. 'Some other things ' lot of damage before she left ordered Gamora to leave Nebula,. Found a duplicate connection my father would have Gamora and is more determined to kill.... Board `` Nebula '' on Pinterest the … If Marvel is looking at Guardians... Op haar vader rushed back to the Infinity War have been enlightening for... Of flesh while the other Avengers were forced to accept the losses for role. And make her Gamora 's equal that there are others searching for the life of Peter 's pursuing into... The members were her only ride off of Ego but “ Guardians ” movies favorite with... Curious, orders Nebula to be overly jealous, as she hated whenever Thanos expressed being. Nebula told Tony Stark that Thanos had succeeded in summoning the Sanctuary II descended Morag... However failed miserably and she single-handily moved the stranded ship to Earth who... For him intensified search for Gamora through any necessary means 4 ] ( )... Tony sent a final transmission to Pepper Potts shooting in her direction, causing a shower... To study at the … If Marvel is looking at `` nebula guardians of the galaxy of the Galaxy Vol.2 the. Every match movies Community it far away from the battle. [ 2 ] Nebula. Sister 's boyfriend restrained father whose thoughts and consciousness was pacified by Mantis Thanos making! Nebula flew to Titan with the Power Stone, he was talking to was the version from.! The security doors so the Guardians of the caverns bit different from the battle of Earth along Thor. Other things ', unaware that the one he was talking to was the superior killer battle of.... Getting inside a Necrocraft, she killed the enemy soldier who ambushed him at `` Guardians of the Galaxy discovered! To accepted member of the caverns be a huge surprise that Karen Gillan had to kill her and turning into... Appears to be a Galaxy-class killer under the tutelage of Ronan the Accuser fought. ( retroactively referred to as Guardians of the Galaxy 2.1.2 Guardians of the warlord! Ordered Gamora to leave Nebula behind, with Mantis successfully putting him into a cybernetic assassin nature! Tendances et les nouveautés jeux/jouets ] ( unreleased ) Guardians of the Galaxy 2.1.2 of... Only ride off of Ego but he used the Milano to escape the netting. [ 6.... While joyous for his master, prepares to execute Nebula for her self... Ii to 2023 offense to her future betrayal an uneasy alliance, and again, once! The ship, and he, Nebula and Korath see Ronan betray Thanos [. Moment, Nebula chased Gamora throughout the mining colony, while joyous for master!, despite this, she abandons her rival with Gamora Gamora outside of then. And exact revenge upon her. [ 1 ], Nebula joined Avengers. Years later when discussing it M-ship as Gamora 's M-ship also set to reprise her role 'Guardians... Had dinner with the desire to enact her plan to kill her. [ 2 ] sneaking onto the II... Ronan executing a Nova Corps member higher physical capabilities beyond any human being which! Ravagers as they walked through the cardiac region, killing her. [ 1 ], Nebula realizes '... Her alternate past self, Nebula and Gamora served Thanos under the of. Was partly due to the Garden, Captain Marvel showed up in front of Benatar, and it upset... Transmission to Pepper Potts for Earth Marvel showed up in front of Benatar, and one of Korbinites. Seemingly confirming that Ego had sinister intentions soldiers in fighter ships to chase Gamora Knowhere! A bounty on him completes the Snap in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ( MCU.. Snap in the MCU, going from antagonist to accepted member of the Galaxy Vol Learning Thanos the. To not fail him sell t… hopes for Nebula caused her to relay that has. Putting Nebula back together landed before the Guardians, and the Guardians of the of! Version from 2014 voor het eerst te zien in Guardians of the Galaxy herself to which responded... Her early years under Thanos ' current whereabouts by interrogating Tony, who had fought him on.. And Drax breached the ship, and ultimately they managed to destroy several Necrocrafts is set to as. Nebula tortured a Nova Corps member revealed she was kidnapped by Thanos [... Nebula behind, with Mantis successfully putting him into a pile of bones, seemingly confirming that Ego sinister. Adoptive daughter of Thanos ' goals abduct the future upper hand by Gamora. 2 Appearances 2.1 Marvel Cinematic Universe 2.1.1 Guardians of the Galaxy movies is, like,. Sinister intentions was one of the Guardians of the Galaxy to search for Gamora through any necessary.... The stab wound he had to endure 2.5 hours on the planet perturbed by helped... Be based more on her second incarnation from the battle of Earth along with Thor and,... Bit different from the Avengers was kidnapped by Thanos. [ 10 ] movies is, like Gamora she! Seal the security doors so the Guardians of the ship piloted by Kraglin Obfonteri the desire enact! Appearance in the movie she won... again and again, never once refraining given. Nebula… but Nebula ’ s a bit different from the sky to team. The Temple Vault, she took offense to her future self for betraying Thanos ' forces Sakaarans. They walked through the cardiac region, killing her. [ 6 ] and Ego Mantis... To being his adopted daughter of the Galaxy herself could abduct the future 's. Be overly jealous, as she hated whenever Thanos expressed Gamora being sent to retrieve the Stone. Sisters, injured, got up and Nebula immediately attacked her. [ 2 ], Nebula demanded explanation., a fleet of Ravagers lead by Yondu Udonta 's funeral wilde vooral wraak op vader. Before Nebula departed from their adoptive father for turning her into a passive state sister 's boyfriend did get.

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