So, You Want To Work in Weed: Part 2

Hopefully you have decided the cannabis industry is right for you and have spruced up that resume and handled all your industry compliance homework.

If not, no worries, here’s a link to Part 1.

As with any industry, the hunt itself is typically the most difficult part. Luckily, with the rapid expansion of this industry there are more jobs available than traditional sectors.

Option 1: Cannabis Job Boards
There are several cannabis specific job boards that can help you find cannabis jobs in legal states, as well as political work in states working on legislation.

Pro-Tip: Be flexible on the position you are seeking. Getting your foot in the door will go a long way. Most cannabis companies are very small and state oriented right now with large growth potential as the industry opens up with legislative easing. Dixie is a company that prides itself on promoting from within as we expand. This is characteristic of a quite esoteric cannabis industry.

Option 2: Temp Agency – (Dixie Recommended)
There is a great cannabis temp agency called HempTemps ( that helps get feet in the door. You express your desired roles in cannabis to them, they help you get your badge (You should already have yours ), and work to place you in the industry. They have partnerships with companies like Dixie, and when there is sudden demand for labor, like harvest season for instance, they will source trimmers for us.

“But I want a full-time job!”

Of course you do. And here lies the upside of Hemp Temps. Once placed in your temporary position (at Dixie, for example) you have the opportunity to be ‘bought out’ by Dixie. We pay HempTemps and you become ours! This is the method we hire many of our production team members, and from there your hard work and commitment will allow you the opportunity to rise through the ranks here.

Option 3: Think Outside the Box

You don’t have to move to Colorado or Washington to work in cannabis. In fact, since Colorado and Washington are the most developed market in the industry, they are also the most saturated. Remember everyone and your grandma are trying to work in weed. So think outside the box.

1. Contact some start up dispensaries or infused products companies in states that are just getting started and don’t get all the press – Oregon, Illinois, Arizona, Massachusetts for example.
2. Look at ancillary cannabis business. There are lots of companies that don’t work directly with the plant but are experiencing similar growth because of their association. Think grow lights, cannabis magazines, related apparel, glass accessories, etc. There are a ton of these!
3. THINK HEMP! It’s projected that the hemp industry will be larger than the marijuana industry. Hemp clothing, hemp farming, hemp food products. GO.
4. Best advice I can give: Go East, Young Cannawan.
The east coastline alone makes up 35% of the total population in America. The cannabis industry has just begun scratching the surface on the medical side in the northeast. It is only a matter of time before the east coast states begin legalizing and surpass the Colorado market. It’s never too early to start scheming up a business plan or connecting with people about cannabis. We get a number of inquiries everyday from the east coast. Your cannabis colleagues are waiting.

Best of luck on your cannabis job search. Let us know if we can help!

Co2 Supercritical exptraction. Best jobs in the marijuana business.

Co2 Supercritical exptraction. Best jobs in the marijuana business.

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