Joe Hodas, CMO at Dixie Elixirs, said, “Should we be surprised? Absolutely not. History has proven that quite often our government and its various departments are well out of lockstep with public opinion. But, I also believe that the implications of making the change were too vast and thus the easier answer was to kick the can down the road a little longer. Its unfortunate, however, that such a shortsighted approach has to be taken, despite public sentiment and all of the information that contradicts the Schedule I status. It’s a decision that directly impacts thousands who could benefit from access to cannabis.”

“In terms of our business, it just means status quo. And as more and more states choose to take common sense, and the health/well being of their citizens into their own hands through state level legislation and ballot initiatives, our federal government and the DEA will have to begin tugging at the thread that will unravel what seems to be a conundrum of tax, banking and regulatory challenges for them. The good news is that it gives companies like Dixie more time to really prove to the DEA, our government and those still on the fence about legalization that it can work and it can be done responsibly and for the improvement, not detriment, of our communities.”

The Toronto Star

Colorado’s learning curve could be the most useful test case for the Canadian government as Ottawa moves from broad legalization of dried and fresh cannabis, seeds and oil — targeted for July of 2018 — to edibles, the time line for which has not been set. “Designing an appropriate regulatory system for cannabis edibles is a complex undertak...


Smoking weed is permitted in 30 states in America. But in the majority of those states, it's only allowed for medicinal purposes. While adult use for those over 21 is allowed in eight states and the District of Columbia, weed is still a ways off from being fully legalized at the federal level. And that is giving way to a hazy regulatory environ...

New York Times

Almost all small-business owners dream of the day when they can expand nationally. This has proved to be a unique challenge for those in the marijuana industry because the products they create are illegal under federal law, and the checkerboard of states that permit marijuana sales have complex and constantly changing regulations. Dixie Brands, a c...
Here are some great ways to elevate your Labor Day weekend with Dixie! Watermelon Dew Drop Mojitio Quench your thirst try this great cannabis infused watermelon mojito. Ingredients: 1.0ML (or more depending on tolerance) watermelon dew drops 2 cups pressed/strained watermelon juice 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lime juice 1/2 cup s...