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Dixie Brands, Inc. (Dixie), a leader in emerging cannabinoid extraction and wellness platforms, Bloom Dispensaries, Arizona's leading group of medical marijuana dispensaries, and an affiliate of General Cannabis Corporation (OTCQB:CANN), a service provider to businesses in the regulated cannabis industry, have entered into an agreement to produce a... READ MORE >
Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd. (the "Corporation" or "Golden Leaf") (CSE:GLH) and Dixie Brands Inc. (Dixie), a leader in emerging cannabinoid extraction and wellness platforms, are pleased to announce they have entered into a definitive and exclusive licensing agreement to manufacture and distribute Dixie Elixirs and Edibles products in Oregon. Golde... READ MORE >
The high percentage of edible options on menus in Colorado and the high number of flower options in Washington could have something to do with the powerful brands in those respective markets. Edible manufacturers such as Denver’s Dixie Elixirs could easily help contribute to 4 out of every 10 products on the average Colorado menu being an edible.... READ MORE >
Dixie Brands Inc., Denver-based maker of marijuana-infused edibles products that sell under the name Dixie Elixirs, has launched two cannabis-free wellness products - one for humans and one for furry friends. Aceso is a hemp-derived product that can be administered via oral spray or powder that will come in three different formulations at first. T... READ MORE >
"It was a historic moment," said Tripp Keber, head of Dixie Brands, a company that sells cannabis-infused fizzy drinks and other marijuana products. "This is the first time a presidential candidate has openly dealt with an industry still considered illegal at the federal level." As marijuana becomes big business in America, its political clout is ... READ MORE >
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In addition to working as a vet, Katz is an elected member of the New York State Assembly, and he recently teamed up with Dixie Elixirs and Brands, one of the more prominent cannabis brands in Colorado, to create Therabis, a line of pet dietary supplements containing CBD. “To be very, very clear, there is no euphoria. So Fluffy is not going to... READ MORE >
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Colorado-based edibles behemoth Dixie Brands, which sells Dixie Elixirs marijuana products in Colorado and licenses the brand for sale in California, will soon launch two new CBD-enriched supplement lines available for purchase anywhere in the U.S. — one hemp-rooted product for human consumption and one for dogs and cats. Two new hemp-based pr... READ MORE >
Colorado’s Dixie Elixirs, which creates cannabis-infused soft drinks, became huge stories, with features on TV news and in print. According to Dixie Elixirs’ CEO Joe Hodas, the prevailing trend toward the collective sweet tooths of cannabis enthusiasts has nothing to do with age. “On the savory side of things, with crackers or other baked ite... READ MORE >
Upon entering Dixie Elixirs's headquarters in Denver, you're greeted by a big sign that reads: "The Future of Cannabis." Since its 2009 founding, Dixie has updated its image from a "pot soda" company to a gourmet THC edibles manufacturer whose carbonated drinks and snacks, containing ingredients like pepita and sea salt, look like they could be fou... READ MORE >
The afternoon came to a close with a presentation from Tripp Keber, CEO and co-founder of Colorado-based Dixie Brands, makers of THC-infused sodas Dixie Elixirs. A leader in a young but already extremely lucrative category, Keber’s remarks offered a sobering reality for anyone doubting the legitimacy and opportunity in the commercialization of re... READ MORE >
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Colorado businesses are not required to test medical marijuana and medical marijuana infused products. CBS4 found out some are doing it anyway. “We go ahead and test those medical products because we want to know how much THC we’re putting in there to make sure that we’re accurate with our dosing,” Joe Hodas with Dixie Elixirs said. Ho... READ MORE >
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"We are literally seeing bed and breakfasts rebranding themselves around cannabis," Kyricos says. "And it's being integrated into skin care products. There's a company called Dixie Elixir that's producing very slick, topical products that wouldn't look out of place on a shelf at Whole Foods. They look that refined. "The range of products made from ... READ MORE >
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Denver-based marijuana edibles maker Dixie Elixirs & Edibles will begin selling some of its products in California on July 1, with some help from a Monterrey County startup. Dixie's Toasted Rooster chocolate bar, Awakening and Relaxing Mints and Lifted energy shot will be manufactured and distributed in northern California by Indus Holding Co.,... READ MORE >
One company in Denver, Dixie Elixirs, is on a mission to further bring marijuana mainstream through sophisticated branding and products like its "elixirs" line of carbonated drinks, a THC oil-infused gourmet chocolate bar called Toasted Rooster, and a range of gum, mints, and tinctures. INC. Dixie Elixirs THC Infused Edibles... READ MORE >
Although some banks are willing to open accounts for cannabis firms, they charge about ten thousand dollars a month in fees. “No other industry has to pay fees like that,” Perino said. Tripp Keber, who produces Dixie Elixirs, THC-infused drinks, said you need “delusional confidence and patience to get through this.” Delusional Confidence... READ MORE >
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Shellene Suemori, director of science and R&D at Dixie Elixirs & Edibles suggests production methods may actually alter the sativa, indica and strain attributes. Suemori says, “Due to many processing techniques, most of the terpenes that people associate with strain-specific attributes are largely lost before the oil is incorporated into an edib... READ MORE >
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Dixie recently introduced a chocolate bar called the Toasted Rooster which can be broken into 12 pieces of 7 mg each. To make it childproof the box contains a tray with a tab on each of the two longer sides that stick through slots in the box’s side. The two tabs need to be pushed down simultaneously to slide the tray out, as if it contained the ... READ MORE >
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“We are concerned about the uneducated consumer who may have had a bad experience with edibles, because that means they may not use our products in the future,” Joe Hodas, chief marketing director for the marijuana product manufacturer Dixie, which is producing a watermelon-flavored drink with 5 milligrams of THC, told the Huffington Post. “... READ MORE >