Maryland’s Greenhouse Wellness Releases First Patient Case Studies Featuring Dixie Brands

The team at Dixie Brands was inspired to hear the stories of two Maryland medical-cannabis patients and the healing they’ve found through through the power of the plant. Please take a moment to read this short piece published by Business Insider to learn more about Greenhouse Wellness and Dr. Leslie Apgar’s journey to treat chronic pain and disease without the use of pharmaceuticals. Dixie is proud to support the efforts of Dr. Apgar and her mission to heal with cannabis.

After the article, view the videos below to see two first hand accounts of how the team at Greenhouse Wellness is using cannabis to transition their patients off prescription pills such as opioids.

“I am practicing the most important medicine of my career. I had no idea the scope of suffering that medical cannabis can treat and I continue to educate myself on this fascinating plant in order to help our patients get the best results possible.” – Dr. Apgar

Greenhouse Wellness: Kim from Kait LeDonne on Vimeo.

Greenhouse Wellness: Adam from Kait LeDonne on Vimeo.

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