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  Learn the Facts: Incorporating Cannabis into your Active Lifestyle People who live active lifestyles are generally the type of folks who treat their bodies as their temples. They are particular, sometimes even strict, about the purity of what they eat and drink. Feeling good and performing well are top priorities. But, when it comes to r...
Process of extracting marijuana from cannabis plant to oil
 Lately we’ve all heard of the hash oil explosions in the news. Our community needs to be vigilantly aware of the safety concerns raised by the public related to cultivation, extraction, and production of marijuana and cannabis infused products. As manufacturers, we take this concern very seriously and want to directly address the public’s con...
Every morning driving eastbound towards Dixie; I-70 is an aromatic rollercoaster. As I merge onto the highway at Brighton Boulevard, the putrid odor of the Purina Puppy Chow factory overwhelms my sensitive recently awoken nostrils. To make matters worse it lingers as I sit in traffic up to Colorado Boulevard, where I finally receive some reprieve f...

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